Silk Masks: Functional or Purely Fashion?

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Maskne, who would have thought that the unwanted skin problems like chin and cheek acne doctors and nurses deal with would be our new normal? While using single-use masks can diminish those breakouts, they can be harmful to the environment.

For this reason, many people are relying on cloth masks to protect them and others from COVID-19. These masks are popular for their reusability and the various designs and colors; however, they can be restricting and a hub for bacteria inside. Due to this issue, some companies have begun selling silk masks.

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Why Silk?

According to Gingerlily, a U.K. based brand that specializes in silk products, silk is a breathable fabric that almost glides across your skin. While silk pillowcases have become increasingly popular due to the low-friction on hair, you may not know that silk is also hypoallergenic, breathable and odorless. These characteristics make silk the perfect material for a face covering.

According to an article by News Medical, silk proves to be a good filtration fabric and an “antimicrobial barrier.” If a substance or material is antimicrobial, it fights against the growth of microorganisms. This means that your silk mask makes a great filter for air while still allowing you to breathe comfortably.

However, according to this article by Refinery29, these masks are acceptable to wear if you do not possess symptoms of COVID-19 or are not a high-risk individual. If you do have symptoms or the virus or are at a high risk of getting it and must go out in public, a disposable medical mask is recommended.

While masks made of silk are fairly new, they are quickly becoming popular because of their benefits.

Breathable for High Activity

As silk is a breathable fabric, it does not absorb as much moisture as other standard mask fabrics. When you work up a sweat by hiking up Shortlidge Road, a silk mask will not hold much condensation and moisture from your breathing as a cotton mask would. In addition, more gyms are opening up and are requiring attendees to wear a mask during their work out. With silk, you can breathe more comfortably while still protecting those around you. 

Your Skin Will Thank You

Traditional cloth masks have been causing “maskne” in some wearers. These breakouts are a combination of moisture, friction, heat and clogged pores inside of the mask. Wearing makeup underneath your mask can worsen these effects and irritate your skin.

Using a silk mask can be especially beneficial if you have sensitive skin, The natural and soothing material can help eliminate the friction between your skin and the fabric.

When choosing a mask, it is best to opt for one made out of 100% silk. Wearing a face covering incubates your breath inside of an enclosed space and this can be especially harmful to your pores if you are wearing your mask for an extended period of time.

Clogged pores become even more of a problem if you wear makeup underneath your mask because the makeup can seep into your skin, causing breakouts. If you must wear makeup, opting for a 100 percent silk mask can help reduce “maskne” and keep your makeup looking good. Look here for an affordable 100% silk option.

Silk Masks are Trendy and Come in Many Colors

Not only do silk masks prove to be better for your skin, but they also are quite fashionable. You can purchase different colors and patterns to match outfits. Companies like Blissy, Etsy and Revolve have lots of trendy options. Pair your silk mask with silk slip dresses and tiny sunglasses for a trendy and safe look.

How to Care for a Silk Mask

While silk masks make for a great face covering, they need special care. Cleaning your mask after each use is the only way to reduce bacteria from clinging to the mask and subsequently to your skin.

To clean your silk mask, you should use a mild soap or a silk detergent and hand-clean the mask with cold water. Hang the mask and wait until the mask is completely dry to wear.

Never wear your mask wet because that will cause more moisture to incubate in your mask. A great way to keep your mask clean is to buy more than one so that if you sweat in one, you can grab another one without having to wait for it to dry.

Until our world goes mask-free, wearing a mask in public and around others is crucial during this pandemic. Making sure that you wear your mask above your nose and mouth, and choose a mask that properly filters air can help prevent the spread of this virus. Although wearing a mask is not particularly glamorous, using a silk mask can spice up your new accessory while benefitting your skin.

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