Masks, But Make it Fashion

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At a time when protective masks have become the new normal, many people have chosen to get creative with this everyday staple. After all, you might as well show off your style the few times you choose to leave the house. Whether it be buying a colored or patterned mask, or making one yourself, there are many ways you can stay fashionable while protecting yourself and others from the coronavirus.

Let’s start with the facts on why you should be wearing a mask in the first place. Pennsylvania and many other states are now recommending that you wear a protective mask every time you leave the house — read more about that here. This is less about protecting yourself and more about protecting others. Many people with COVID-19 do not show obvious symptoms, so if you have it and don’t know, you could be spreading it to other people. When you wear a mask, you are decreasing the risk for others, and when other people wear masks, they are decreasing the risk for you. Do your part!

Mask Inspiration

Social media has been a key component in encouraging the use of protective face masks. Many people are taking to Instagram to show off their fun and innovative masks. Here are some examples that may inspire you when creating or ordering your own.

Photo posted by @miakingphoto on Instagram

For the past couple of months, cow print has been becoming more and more popular. @Miakingphoto on Instagram got creative with the print and used it when making her own protective masks. If you’re interested, Mia is selling her 100% cotton masks on her Instagram page.

Photo posted by @mudpiesandpigtailsboutique on Instagram

Just because we’re in quarantine, doesn’t mean you can’t start bringing some spring colors and prints into your wardrobe. Try using a bright color or pattern like this pineapple print for your protective mask, or order one online. @Mudpiesandpigtailsboutique is selling masks like this one on her Instagram page.

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Are you a sucker for designer prints? Order a knock-off designer fabric online and use it to make your own mask. @bytravie_ is currently sold out of her designer-inspired masks, but check out her Instagram for more fun mask ideas.

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Feeling inspired by Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic? Find a fun animal print like this one featured on @orissakelly’s Instagram and use VALLEY’s tutorial to make the perfect Tiger King themed mask.

How to Make Your Own

There’s a lot of buzz about making your own masks so that more medical masks are available for professionals. Yes, it may seem easier to order masks in bulk online, but it’s a much more responsible choice to use the resources you have to create your own. Putting together your own protective mask may seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! VALLEY did some research and found the perfect no-sew mask tutorial that will help you stay safe AND stylish.

What You’ll Need:
  • 1 square piece of the fabric of your choice (20×20 inches recommended)
  • 2 hair ties or rubber bands
What You’ll Do:

Step 1: Lay your fabric down flat.

Step 2: Fold the top section to the middle and the bottom section to the middle. These ends should meet.

Step 3: Flip the fabric over.

Step 4: Fold both the top and bottom sections to the middle so the ends meet.

Step 5: Put the hair ties around either side of the folded fabric.

Step 6: Fold the outer sides of the fabric to the center. This side will be against your mouth when using the mask.

Step 7: Flip the mask over to see your finished product!

Step 8: Bring the fabric to your face. The hair ties should wrap around your ears to make the mask secure.

Planning on creating your own protective face mask? Tweet us @VALLEYmag to show us your finished product!



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