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One good thing to come out of 2020 is the obsession with skincare thanks to Hyram and the other skincare gods on social media. By now, we know which hyaluronic acids and night creams will lock in moisture, which eye creams and retinoids will smooth fine lines and which serums and balms will give our skin a dewy glow. But what if there was a device that you could do at home to achieve all of the results above and more?

Microcurrent devices use electrical currents to tighten and smooth about thirty-two muscles and tissues in the face by increasing cellular turnover. Most commonly used in spa/salon professional treatments with a hefty price tag, a new market has emerged for at-home and beginner-friendly use. So what exactly does this mean for your skin? For starters, the current retrains the muscles over time to give a botox-free lifted and tone appearance in the face.

Also, the cellular turnover gives a boost in circulation which reduces water retention (aka puffiness) and increases collagen and elastin production for the ultimate glow. The anti-aging benefits of the device also deserve a mention as microcurrent preemptively reduces fine lines and tightens the skin over time. 

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Over the past three months, VALLEY put a popular microcurrent device, the Nuface to the test. Every morning, VALLEY consistently followed the ten-minute facial guide in order to achieve honest results. After each use, VALLEY noticed brighter skin and less puffiness similar to the results of a jade roller. After about a month of use, daily redness was drastically reduced along with under-eye bags. From there, VALLEY felt their skin did plateau but continued to have a daily glow and drainage each day. Over time, a slight lift was noticeable and discoloration was diminished. 

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, there were a few caveats to achieving these results. For one, the price tag of the microcurrent device is a pretty penny, ranging from $100-600 so it is quite the investment. Also, scheduling out ten minutes in the morning can be a bit difficult on the mornings where VALLEY hit snooze on their alarm one too many times. The procedure can also be a bit monotonous so VALLEY found listening to a podcast was a good way to stay entertained during the at-home facial. 

The verdict? VALLEY found that microcurrent was a super effective way to achieve a daily glowing and toned face, and did see even more results over time. Having a luxury device to use at home during quarantine is also a huge plus to pamper your skin which is worth the price tag over time in VALLEY’s opinion. However, users should be aware of the time commitment before purchasing to make the cost worth it. 

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