Best Horror Movies on Netflix

Whether you’re trying to get into the Halloween spirit or just love being scared, horror movies are always the right answer. With your screen overcrowded with too many scary movies on Netflix, finding a horror movie that will actually make you jump becomes overwhelming. VALLEY wants you to have all the jump scares you crave, so we put together a list of scary movies you’ll die for.

“The Boy”
Photo posted by @theboymovie on Instagram

Posted by @theboymovie on Instagram

What’s a horror movie without an eerie house filled with mysteries of the past? “The Boy” takes us on the thrilling journey of a young woman nannying an eight year old boy. What’s so scary about that? The boy is not living, but actually a life-sized doll the nanny has to care for under strict instructions. The estate owners care for the doll, putting up a front that it’s a coping mechanism due to the loss of their own son. The nanny thinks she’s alone in the house but just can’t seem to shake the feeling someone else might be lingering behind the corner. It’s been over 20 years since the death of their son, but it’s starting to feel like he never left.


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A young woman living alone in the seclusion of the woods means nothing could possibly go wrong – right? When a masked killer shows up at Maddie’s front porch, he’s confused as to why she can’t hear him tapping on her door. Soon learning she’s deaf, its game on. Maddie is left to fight for her life alone in the woods without the ability to hear a thing. Set your popcorn down for this movie because with all of the jump scares, it’s sure to go flying.

“The Conjuring”

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How could you not want to live in a house where years earlier an accused witch sacrificed her newborn child to the devil? It’s the classic horror movie plot set-up that never fails to give you nightmares. “The Conjuring” focuses on paranormal investigators and demonologists who fight against a supernatural presence that does not want to leave. Suspense, jump scares and all the stock scares you can put into a movie are what make up this very haunting and thrilling story.

“The Ritual”

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Scary, scary, scary, scary. Did we say scary enough times? “The Ritual” begins with four friends hiking through the Scandinavian landscape, reuniting after the tragic death of their friend. Deciding to cut their trip in half by ditching the path and entering the woods, the friends soon realize this was a very wrong turn. The takeaway? Stay on paths and don’t wander off. An ancient evil is clearly present in the woods, thriving on stalking, mysteriously killing and preying on the wanderers. After watching this movie, you might have to say no to hiking trips with friends.

“Creep” and “Creep 2”

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A simple ad posted online looking for a videographer for 24 hours doesn’t sound that creepy – right? We soon learn that the strange man behind the ad, Josef, has more secrets than his creepy wolf mask can hold, and yes, we did say wolf mask. With a very large collection of home movies and the need to constantly scare, what is Josef really hiding? The answer lies behind the mask.

“Scream 4”

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What’s your favorite scary movie? Does this question ring any bells for you? You’ll hear the Ghostface Killer ask its victims that same question in all four of the “Scream” thrillers. “Scream 4” is the only installment of the “Scream” franchise on Netflix, but it’s nothing to be upset about. In the last film of the series, the town of Woodsboro once again falls victim to horrific events once Sidney Prescott returns. One of the most iconic slasher movies ever, “Scream 4” will make you glad live in State College instead of Woodsboro.

“It Follows”

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Get ready to make up a survival guide to outlive the evil entities coming your way. “It Follows” is a terrifying film during which individuals don’t get an STD after intercourse, but rather an STM – sexually transmitted monster. No one who hasn’t been a victim of this evil entity can see it, making those who have seem paranoid and insane. Once it’s passed on to you, the entity follows you until it catches and kills you, then goes back for the person who pulled you into this curse. If you don’t want that outcome, you can always pass the monster onto someone else – spreading the curse even further around town. It’s up to you – be followed or mess with someone else’s fate.


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After watching this movie, the chances of you wanting to stay on campus during breaks may become very slim. A young college student, Justine, has to stay alone at school during Thanksgiving break – the perfect scenario for cult members to have their fun. The cult members are driven by the cult’s mission to kill the “Kristy’s” of the world, aka beautiful and privileged women who believe and follow God. After the cult members spot Justine at a gas station, it quickly becomes a cat and mouse game, but does anyone even win in the end?


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How does gore and a killer clown sound to you? This is no Spielberg film, but it’s filled with many jump scares that will have you yelling at the screen to, “don’t go in there!” It’s Halloween night – the perfect time for a crazy killer to openly walk the streets without making anyone suspicious. Two young girls at first think it’s just a really good costume, but soon fall to the clown’s gory and, should we say, terrifying antics.

“The Witch”

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A psychological thriller that tests a family’s sanity takes us back in time to 1630, New England. Witchcraft is at its prime when a young family is ousted from their village, forcing them to move their lives into the wilderness. The disappearance of their youngest son is the catalyst of suspicion, paranoia and the arrival of an old woman who seems to only bring horror with her anywhere she goes. Get your blankets ready so you can easily hide your eyes when you get too scared because you’re in for a terrorizing ride full of gruesome witchcraft acts.


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