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Dependency presents itself in many ways. For most of us collegiates, dependency takes the form of our morning cup of coffee. Our coffee revives us from the plague of late-nights, early-mornings and helps us fight off that “what day even is it?” brain funk. Coffee is our hero and our love. She is perfect and could not get any better…or could she?

What if our trusted morning cup could give us shiny hair and glowing skin in addition to the energy-boost we already know and love? We’d be hopelessly in love with the do-it-all caffeine elixir. Well, get ready to start a committed relationship with collagen coffee. Adding a scoop of this tasteless powder to your coffee will boost your natural beauty and health quicker than it takes to wait in line at the Waffle Shop on a Sunday morning.  

So what is this magical fairy dust that transforms skin, hair, gut health, and even brain function? Let us get to know the star of the show, collagen, a bit better. Consuming collagen has virtually no health risks and has a magnitude of science-backed benefits. This protein makes up over 70% of skin composition, so it makes sense that it is bursting with anti-aging and glow-boosting properties that our complexions drink up according to the National Library of Medicine’s study of oral collagen use.

To make collagen even sexier, it does wonders for the body by reducing gut inflammation, cholesterol and muscle pain as further studies have indicated. Now this all sounds promising, but will collagen stay true to all of its claims, or will it be just another too-good-to-be-true supplement?

VALLEY doesn’t want you looking back with a longing sigh of what could have been, so we tried it for you. After simply mixing a scoop of collagen into a cup of coffee for a couple of months, VALLEY found the powder to live up to the hype.

The collagen dissolved quickly into coffee without leaving any trace of a taste-altering flavor. Best of all, VALLEY also noticed a huge amount of nail and hair growth and even ditched concealer due to brighter skin within a few weeks of consumption. While VALLEY found no noticeable improvement in gut and joint health, the difference in our skin and hair was enough to make collagen a staple in our morning routine. As more people begin to make note of a fresher looking appearance after making the switch to Collagen coffee, we are that much more sure this relationship we have with collagen is end game. 

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Not big on coffee? Try adding collagen to smoothies, soups, teas, and even baked goods. This weapon ingredient is versatile and will be indictable in all of your favorite eats!

After being in several long-term relationships with a couple of different brands of collagen, VALLEY found a few top contenders worth joining you on your coffee break:

Thrive Market Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

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Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

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Tone It Up Marine Collagen

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