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Summer has come to its end, and the sunburns of the season have passed. One of the best ways to soothe a harsh sunburn is to apply the super plant aloe vera as a gel or lotion. However, aloe provides more health benefits than simply relieving the pain of a sunburn. 

This magical plant has a variety of advantages when used in its many different forms. Aloe vera could come in a juice, lotion, gel or powder. Inside of an aloe plant’s leaves, there is aloe gel: a substance with many soothing properties. According to the Indian Journal of Dermatology, the inside of the leaf holds three layers. However, the most important layer is the innermost layer with the aloe gel in it. Aloe gel is mostly water, but the chemicals in it that help reap the health benefits include vitamins and enzymes like bradykinesia that helps reduce inflammation.


The aloe plant itself has long, triangular leaves with small serrated ridges, giving it an almost cactus-like appearance. Its soft, smooth green color is a versatile fit for any room. As a succulent plant, it can complement other plants in a collection, especially smaller succulents. The aloe plant loves bright, indirect sunlight, so find a suitable windowsill or shelf for your aloe plant. 

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Immune System Boost

Aloe vera demonstrates the ability to give your immune system an extra punch. According to the Pharmacognosy Review, “aloe vera shows antimicrobial activity by rupturing bacterial cell walls.” In short, the anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera aids the immune system by boosting the body’s ability to break down bacteria. Trade out the orange juice for aloe vera juice or incorporate it into another drink to get a quick immune boost. Check out this recipe for inspiration on juicing with aloe:

Dermatological Issues

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera can soothe other types of skin ailments besides sunburn, particularly dark acne spots or drying skin conditions like eczema. Once an acne breakout has healed and those stubborn dark spots seem to be sticking around, apply a bit of aloe vera to those spots in the evening after cleansing your skin. The moisturizing properties will allow the dried-up breakout to heal. Furthermore, aloe vera could be a helpful home remedy for people who have eczema by calming the itching that comes as a symptom of eczema. Talk to a dermatologist before using aloe vera as a remedy, as there may be a prescribed treatment that they recommend, but aloe vera is an option for a soothing home remedy.

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