THON: Why Socks Are Important To Dancers

To the average spectator, socks are just something to keep sweaty feet from stinking up your sneakers. To THON dancers, they are much more than that.

Emily Wallace, an independent dancer, baby powders her socks and says it really helps.”The baby powder helps a lot, I love it.” Wallace says she prefers quarter length socks because knee length constricts her from her awesome dance moves. “The socks have to be comfortable and not scratchy,” she said while pointing to her american style footwear.

James Klingemann, a dancer for THON org Boulevard, said socks are important to him because they keep his feet warm. “I don’t have much pain so they must be helping.” Klingemann also wears compression socks to help with blood circulation. “It’s making me a happy dancer,” he said with a smile.

Dancer relations member, Raven Rozantz, said sometimes dancers’ socks can get wet and uncomfortable. “The dancer might not even know their socks are gross until they change them.” It’s also a mind set thing for the dancers, if they think their feet feel better then they will, she added.

Jenny Heyman, junior dancer for the Clownnose club, was definitely someone who stood out. She was wearing flip flops at the time and seemed pretty content. “I just changed, my feet were really hot so I wanted to air them out.” Usually she wears sneakers with, yep you guessed it, socks. Heyman has five pairs of ankle socks and prefers those because they keep her cool. She also has compression socks and knee high socks for more support when needed. “It makes me feel fresh when I change my socks, instead of having gross feet, it gives you a little awakening,” she said.

Keep those socks clean and new! Every dancer deserves that fresh feet feel.


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