The Noontime Concert Series

Have you ever stopped by the HUB on a Friday afternoon and been greeted by the sound of a musical performance? No, that’s not some random band taking over the area trying to get their music noticed, but actually part of the lineup for the Noontime Concert Series.

Instead of scouring the top 100 charts to find your new favorite artist, you can stay in town and discover a new band every Friday without ever leaving the comfort of campus. An effort put together by SPA, the Student Programming Association, the series works to bring exposure to up and coming artists and provide a good time for students.

Noontime Concert Chair, Joey Niedziejko, has the task of choosing exactly which artists get to play in the coveted afternoon slot in the aptly named “Noontime Lounge.” Of course, it can be difficult representing the wide array of musical tastes we have here at PSU.

“I would say the main goal is to bring as many diverse acts as possible,” Niedziejko says.

Past performances have ranged from rock to pop. Even folk has graced the stage of the Noontime Lounge. The concert series also gives students a chance to get interactive and provides the opportunity to meet artists and maybe even get an autograph or two.

When asked about his favorite Noontime artist, Niedziejko listed the upcoming band Fly by Midnight as the act he’s most looking forward to.

“They’re a retro pop band that just started and they’re really, really good,” Niedziejko says.

Another great reason to check out the series is the ongoing promotions and giveaways available after attending three shows. What better way to spend your free time? Free music and free stuff sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

More information on the Noontime Concert Series can be found on the SPA website