What to Wear to December Graduation

Most Seniors have a little while to go before we have to think about what to wear for graduation. But, we can’t forget, that for some us graduation is just around the corner. That’s right, December graduation is upon us!

Those finishing with the Fall 2015 semester probably have family visiting, celebration plans and maybe even a few job offers to juggle. But, the biggest question remains— what do you wear?

Valley grabbed some tips from downtown stores, Metro and Connections, to make sure that you have one less thing to stress over before you walk across that stage.

Of course, the weather is the biggest obstacle to keep in mind while shopping for an outfit. State College weather is beyond unpredictable, and you don’t want to be caught in a snowdrift wearing strappy heels and a mini dress.

Candice Matthews, store manager at Metro, advises choosing some of their comfy jumpsuits so you’ll be both covered up and cute. Matthews also says try to stick to solid colors with your cap and gown and let your personal style shine through accessories.

If jumpsuits aren’t quite your thing, you could always try a tried-and-true dress for the big day.  At Connections, there are a ton of dresses to choose from.

Emily Jepson, Sales Associate at Connections, picks a swing dress as her favorite. Jepson says, “They’re flowy, not tight at all, they’re really comfortable and they come right above your knee.” Jepson continues to recommend pairing your long-sleeved swing dress with cute tights so your legs won’t freeze. For an extra pop, Connections also sells a wide selection of gorgeous, decorative scarves.

We hope these tips help you breathe easy and get one step closer to that fast-approaching December graduation. Good luck and congratulations to all of our readers who will be leaving us soon, we wish you a fabulous ceremony and an even more fabulous future!