How to: Make Your Instagram Pop


Instagram is one of the largest social media platforms right now with over 300 million unique members, and that number continues to grow daily. It seems that some have unlocked the secret to gaining followers and popularity through the app while others struggle to gain more than 10 likes.


All About “Mischief Night”


As we all begin to gear up for the all-mighty Halloween (or Hallo-weekend as we like to call it here), there’s one often forgotten holiday that is still worth talking about, and that is Mischief Night. Oh yes, the day dedicated to pranks and catering to your bad side.


Halloween Makeup Without the Break-Outs


With a little bit of patience and creativity you can transform yourself into your favorite monster, goblin, or zombie. However, before you break out the paint brush, make sure the tools you’re using are actually safe. Costume makeup can have some not-so-safe ingredients, so we have some tips to make sure you look cool and breakout free.

Photo by Kate Perkins

Campus Crowding: How to Deal


All of your favorite places like the HUB, the library, even the dining halls, are getting harder to maneuver because of all the people in your way. Every year, Penn State accepts more and more students than the previous year and it’s definitely noticeable.


Give Your Professional Look a Twist


We all like to show off our personal flair but sometimes it seems we have to choose between being professional and fashionable. Valley is here to let you know that there is a way to kick butt at a job interview and look great while doing it.