Drink from the Fountain of Youth

We all hear things in the media, or in magazines about preserving that “youthful look”. While it might be easy to laugh it off as unimportant, keeping yourself healthy is the way to look years younger than you are. Even though we are all young and vibrant there will come a time when our age will catch up to us; some of us quicker than others. The secret to having a youthful look and spirit starts from within. There are so many simple ways to purify your skin and body in order to do wonders for you in the long run.

Everyone knows that when you look better you feel better, so why not start now. Valley is here to help you welcome in the ultimate lifestyle change; by the time we’re finished you’re going to wonder why you weren’t doing these things in the first place.

Trash goes in a Can, Not your Mouth

A lot of people don’t realize how much their daily diet, even snacks, can effect their overall appearance as well as health. Take French fries for example; they are salty, delicious, and addicting. Also, they will cause your face to bloat and in some cases have excessive sweat and puffy eyes. Even though the effects of salty food are fleeting; no one likes to wake up in the morning and mistake themselves for a chipmunk. It’s important to remember that before you put anything in your mouth, to stop and think about what the after effects will be. If you know you’ll be upset later on, don’t eat it.

The good things is, there are a ton of healthy alternatives to our bad food choices. If you love everything salty, you could try polenta fries, asparagus fries, plantain chips; the list goes on. If sweet things are your poison, you could try a chocolate dipped banana; which will load you up with nutrients as well as make you happier (the serotonin in chocolate is proven to do this). Also, there are other healthy sweets like yogurt parfaits, all-fruit popsicles, sorbet, or a rich frozen Greek yogurt pop.

It’s all about reprogramming your taste buds to like the healthy stuff. Of course it all takes time but eventually you’ll be making polenta chips like a boss.

Break the Bad Habits

There are SO many bad habits that we as girls do without even realizing it. Working to break these habits will no doubt make you look better and feel better. One, there’s makeup; I think we’ve all gone out on a Friday night and just didn’t feel like taking the time to take our makeup. This habit ages you tremendously and taking the simple step to remove your makeup can go a long way. Also, caking on makeup day after day can age you as well. Your pores need to breath every once in a while so give your face a break; we promise you look great without it.

Also, keeping up a skin regiment will help alleviate any problems you have whether it be dark spots, lines, acne. Having the same face wash and moisturizer consistently will give you a natural, youthful appearance. Take a look at this week’s “Pick of the Week” to see one way on how to make your skin glow from the inside out

The biggest way to appear genuinely youthful is to live that away. Live everyday as if you’re 17 again, and take away all of your stresses, worries, and regrets. Looking young requires a lifestyle change; and while lifestyle changes are hard, they are not impossible. Keep up with these simple tips and in 20 years people will come up to you saying, “You’re HOW old?!”

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