Embrace Your Independence This Summer

It’s true when they say, “nothing lasts forever”. Whether it be your favorite TV show, that piece of cheesecake in the fridge, or even your relationship. Sometimes we have to let things go and the best time to let your significant other go might be right before the summer ends.

Summer is the perfect time to let yourself go and be free, if something (or someone) is holding you back it’s best to nip it in the bud. Valley is here to talk to you about ending that relationship before the summer’s end.

It’s never easy to walk away from something like a relationship. You may look back on good times and feel nostalgic or guilty about wanting to cut things off. These are the years that we deserve to be selfish and focus on what’s best for ourselves. Being selfish isn’t always a bad thing; there will come a time when our responsibilities come first but that time doesn’t have to be now.

Before we jump into lifelong commitments, jobs, bills, and all the boring stuff that comes with adult life; we should take the time to focus on the now. Right now, the most important thing in your life should be you and your happiness.

Granted, calling it quits with a partner is going to be a little sad. Just keep in mind your reasons for doing it. This is the time for you to focus on yourself and do the things you’ve always wanted to do. You’ve got 3 months to grow as a person and come back stronger than ever. Never be afraid to be by yourself. You are your #1 supporter and companion. If you find the thought of being single repulsive, then you are in need of some serious me time.

Think of it this way: Being single now and becoming your very best self will only help you in the long run when you’re ready to be in a relationship again.In the mean time listen to Beyoncé’s “Me, Myself, and I”. Guaranteed by Valley to make you feel fearless and independent.


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