Fit For The Cure: Throwback Saturday

We are now 3 weeks away from THON 2017 and in order to raise more money, PSU Fitness is hosting their ‘Fit For The Cure’ fundraiser! Everyone’s favorite class, Power Remix, will be held this Saturday, 12:30 pm at the Intramural Building near East Halls. Power Remix is an hour-long cardio dance class. Lindsey Hutterer, the Penn State senior majoring in Advertising & Public Relations is responsible for coordinating this event.

She says, “There is no dance experience required and it’s a great time especially with friends.”

Here’s why you should think about going:

New Year, New You

Many of us have set goals this year to exercise more and this will be an opportunity to keep that promise that we made to ourselves. This workout is meant to be fun and vibrant to keep you energized.  It is the event to attend for those who love to work out, want to start working out more, or want to know more about what a fitness class is like. You may attend even if you don’t have a gym membership. All you need is your sneakers and either a PSU ID card or to go with someone who has one. Come and find out how much fun it can be to get in a good work out. The class ends at 1:30 pm, which gives you enough time to go and hang out with friends after, all while feeling accomplished for the rest of the day.

Throwback Theme

It’s everyone’s guilty pleasure— music from our early childhood and adolescent years. The music will mostly be from 2005 and earlier. It can best be described as a setlist that makes you run on to the floor at your middle school dance. This is a chance to try something different on the weekend for a chance. Get your friends together and go absolutely crazy. Let out all of that extra energy you have saved up from sitting in class all week.

East Side

For freshmen, this is an easy five minute walk from your dorm. For those who live off campus, the idea of trekking out to East might seem less than ideal, but the Blue and White Loops will take you directly to the IM Building and back. If you prefer to drive, you can also park in the BJC or Pegula parking lot across the street. After your workout, you can return to your freshman roots and check out the newly-renovated dining areas at Findlay Commons.


At the very end of the day, what we do is all for the kids. We are lucky enough that the fitness classes are included with our gym memberships. Donations are optional, but definitely encouraged. This event is totally donation-based so feel free to donate as much as you want. All donations go towards finding a cure for the kids. Go out and show your support for them so that we can help work towards saving countless lives.

Hutterer says, “This is one of the last opportunities students can join together with the fitness instructors to raise money in an easy, fun, healthy way.”

Valley hopes to see you dancing, laughing and sweating on Saturday!