Halloween Makeup Without the Break-Outs


The perfect part of any Halloween costume is, of course, the makeup. Just one quick YouTube search can show you the hundreds of characters you can create with one simple makeup kit. With a little bit of patience and creativity you can transform yourself into your favorite monster, goblin, or zombie. However, before you break out the paint brush, make sure the tools you’re using are actually safe. Costume makeup can have some not-so-safe ingredients, so we have some tips to make sure you look cool and breakout free.

Make It Yourself

There’s no better way to ensure that your Halloween makeup is as safe as possible than actually choosing what ingredients are mixed in it. Perfect for our DIY-ers out there, you can make your own non-toxic makeup to match any costume.

To make fake glitter, all you need is Aloe Vera gel and fine glitter. This look is simple and stylish, but be sure to keep the glitter away from your eyes to prevent irritation. If your costume incorporates fake blood, head over to your nearest grocery store and pick up red food coloring and light corn syrup. To make the clean up easier, be sure to add in a bit of liquid soap.

Buy It

For those of us who aren’t the best at arts and crafts, there are a few brands out there that specialize in organic costume makeup. Alima Pure, a company specializing in mineral ingredients, has a bunch of products without parabens, synthetic dyes or sulfates. The best part is you can use their products for your costume and everyday as well. If you’re into face painting, Pure Poppet specializes in natural, non-toxic face painting kits. This is perfect for simpler costumes because you can just buy a kit and you’re all set. If your costume requires fake lashes as a finishing touch, try EcoTools with lashes that won’t irritate your skin and are hypo-allergenic.

These tips and tricks will help you have killer Halloween make-up without the break-outs afterwards. If you’re planning on doing your own Halloween make-up, we want to see it! Tag us in any pictures on social media @ValleyMag.


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