The New Trend: Pumpkin Spice Hair

Photo posted by Wella Education | Instagram (@wellaeducation)

If you love fall and consider yourself the poster child for all things of the season, consider this: pumpkin spice hair. Yes, it’s here and it’s raging through salons everywhere.

During the fall, it’s common to go with a rich and warmer hair color. Like the changing of the leaves, women tend to change their hair color the most during this season.

Laura Estroff, a hair colorist at Kennaland Salon in Brooklyn, reveals to that “pumpkin spice hair has more copper undertones whereas gingersnap tends to fall under the category of brunette with red undertones.” Pumpkin spice is all about coppery shades and people will have a more red-orange tone to their hair. describes it as “a color that has a lot of dimension thanks to the various tones that encompass really all things pumpkin spice — and it’s actually quite wearable when the caramel and copper tones prevail over saturated orange.”

This wearable shade is becoming so trendy that natural redheads are taking to twitter to voice their opinions with the hashtag #pumpkinspicehair. @glassreallyfull tweets, “#pumpkinspicehair is trending because October. Sorry, people, red hair isn’t a seasonal coffee flavor, and you can’t handle the spice.” Another tweet by @AnnaJoTerrill says “#pumpkinspicehair hipster. I’ve been growing it myself since 1985.”

Although natural-red heads all aren’t rallying behind this new craze, it’s always fun to try new looks, and Fall 2015 could not be a more appropriate time to change it up. Fall is definitely a time to experiment with your style. There are always tons of wardrobe and makeup options. Valley encourages you to wear that burgundy lipstick, rock some knee-highs and color your hair like the season! Because really, who doesn’t love pumpkin spice?


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