46 LIVE Update: THON Viewers Around the World

“Experience THON, wherever you are.”

The 46 LIVE webcast has been broadcasting THON to the world since 4:30 Friday afternoon, and Executive Producer Erica Kasan says it has been a huge success.

“It’s exactly what we envisioned and it’s come to life,” she says. “It has been seamless.”

Kasan says the webcast has perfectly followed schedule minute by minute and that technology and transitions have been clean. The hosts have also been great, she says.

“I’ve been thrilled about it for hours,” Kasan says.

The webcast hasn’t missed a beat, streaming right from suite 108 in the Bryce Jordan Center. 46 LIVE also has a twitter page that Kasan says has received positive feedback and much interaction.

Kasan says viewers have been tweeting where they are watching from with #THONaroundtheworld. Tweets have come from across the United States, but Kasan says viewers have also tweeted from places like Mexico, Vietnam and Australia.

“I’m really thankful that 46 LIVE has the opportunity to bring the Bryce Jordan Center around the world,” she says. “People want to be here but some can’t… we want to bring it to them in the best and most instant way we can.”

Kasan says viewers should continue listening to hosts for hashtags throughout the weekend to keep them interacting with THON and 46 LIVE.

Check out the webcast here: thon.org/webcast


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