THON 2015: Wigs for Kids

When it comes to THON, everything is for the kids. In this case, THON participants were more than willing to share some of their luscious locks in order to provide wigs that can withstand everyday activities that kids partake in such as playing a sport or taking a shower. This is all made possible through the Wigs for Kids organization.

“The energy here is amazing,” says Jeffry Paul, founder of Wigs for Kids. (Pictured with wife Zina)

This being his eighth year at THON, Paul says “I travel all over the world to functions from runway to gala and all types of fundraisers, but come January 1, I wake up and can’t wait to go to THON.”


Before the donors took the stage to have their hair chopped off, we got some insight on what was running through their minds!

“I’m really excited,” says sophomore Public Relations committee member Alexandria Ruf, who would soon be donating 12 inches. “I want to give back in a different way.”

Adam Phoebe, a 2012 alum, was “a little nervous” to be cutting off his long hair, given his last hair cut was three years ago in February. As a part of the Green Program partnering with Penn State, this is Phoebe’s first THON experience, never really having time to participate during his two years at Penn State. With that said, he feels “privileged” to take part in the donation.

After all of the donors played their part, whether it was on stage or behind the scenes, their THON spirit was through the roof.

“I feel on top of the world,” says Denise Baney, a 2005 Alum with Hope Express. “It was the best experience of my life.”

Baney posed with Arianna Lantz, a junior and Rules and Regulations committee member, who donated 12 inches along with Baney.

“This is incredible,” says Lantz. “I’m so glad for the kids sake.”