What’s in the Water?

There’s no doubt about it – hydration is a crucial element for healthy skin. Even oily skin requires consistent moisturizing so it won’t end up over-producing oil to compensate for dryness. And we’ve all seen those “skincare threads,” telling us to drink gallons of water a day and use serum after cream after gel in order to achieve dewy, fresh skin. It can be intimidating to read and exhausting to do.

Beauty trends today, however, are telling us that we don’t need all that. All we really need to add to our routines is a quick blast of hydration, using only good ol’ H2O and a few other simple ingredients, in the form of beauty water. These little mist bottles can do all the moisturizing work of a stack of expensive products through just a daily sprits or two, and VALLEY can teach you everything you need to know about how this amazingly simple skincare works.

The Wonders of Water

Obviously, the base ingredient for these magical mists is just plain water. Although it seems like it’d be an obvious thing to do, this idea of spraying water onto skin to receive hydration is relatively new to the beauty community. By misting your face with water, you are not only providing direct moisture for your pores, but sort of optimizing the rest of your skincare routine as well.

According to StyleLobster.com, spritzing beauty waters helps your skin hold onto the good stuff from any other product you also put on. The fact that simple water decreases the amount of products you need to use as well as how often you need to moisturize is a big part of what makes beauty waters so awesome. Your path to hydration starts with just a moisturizer that you like and a beauty water of your choice. The h20 will do all the behind the scenes work to make sure your skin retains glowy goodness all day without having to use so much product.

Essential Essences

It’s not just water, though. There are many different types of beauty waters that have a variety of scents, essences and extracts. Most beauty waters utilize natural ingredients derived from plants and roots; mainly lavender, aloe and rose. Lavender can help soothe inflammation and fight the acne-causing bacteria on your skin. Aloe is known for its healing and mega-hydrating properties, and also has been found to take years off your face by combatting adult acne and dark spots. Rose is super rich in antioxidants and has the power to make fine lines and wrinkles disappear.

When you go over all of the evidence behind such basic ingredients, you can really see how simple yet useful naturally-derived skincare can be. Extracts only make up a small chunk of the fluid ounces in a beauty water bottle, but as you can see, are vital to what makes them so good for our skin.

A winning combination of moisture-retaining water and skin-clearing essences, beauty waters are an unstoppable force in the beauty world as of late. Makeup gurus and celebrities everywhere have kept up their healthy skin by turning to these simple spritzes, and it’s time that the world can see how well water can work for them too.

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