How to Successfully Style Your Puffer Coat

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As we make our way into winter, college students all across the North are beginning to gear up for single-digit temperatures, intense winds and unpredictable snow storms. This means it’s about that time of year again to become best friends with our puffer coats. With all the layered, knitted, comfy-yet-cute fashion looks that fall brings, it can definitely feel like wearing big coats puts a damper on style. Fear not, here are some outfit ideas that take your puffer coat from being extra and in the way to being the chic star of the show.

Going to Class

According to The Fashion Spot, the best way to style this cold-weather staple is to go for a sporty yet feminine vibe. To successfully rock a puffer coat on your way to class without looking like you’re about to go skiing, you must balance it with girly, sophisticated pieces.

Try some embroidered jeans or patterned trousers, and pair it with cute booties or a pair of cool sneakers. You could stick with a printed T-shirt, or go for a colored sweater or busy top. Even something as simple as coordinating your accessories with the color of your jacket can take your daily going-to-class outfit to the next level.

Going Out

It may not seem like there’s a fashionable way to wear a big coat to a party or a club on a cold night, but if you remember to balance the pieces right, you can end up with a killer look. Color-coordinating is a huge asset here. Get some pretty heels that match your puffer coat or top and your outfit will look 10 times more put together.

Don’t be afraid to wear a skirt or dress with your big coat. You get bonus points if it’s a cool color, pattern, or material. As long as you amp your outfit up with accessories and interesting pieces, your puffer jacket won’t swallow up your going-out look.

Going to the Gym

While you most likely won’t need to wear your coat while you work out, it will definitely feel good to have a more balanced outfit on your way to the gym during the winter months. Give your comfy look a cuter feel by adding a beanie and a scarf to accessorize. Even if you wear shorts while exercising, find some sweatpants or joggers to wear over them on the way to the gym — you’ll be a lot warmer and you’ll look more put together. A monochromatic look works here, but don’t stray away from pops of color that could add more life to your gym outfit.

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