VALLEY Launch Party: What to Wear

Some call it the Met Gala of State College. Others refer to it as the event of the semester. Most, however, call it the VALLEY Launch Party.

The VALLEY Launch Party happens once each semester and is the celebration of all of the hard work that goes into VALLEY. It is also the night that the cover for that semester’s magazine is revealed, as well as kicking off distribution week. This year, it will be taking place on Nov. 7 at Three Dots in downtown State College.

While VALLEY’s staff is able to showcase their creativity through the event and the magazine, every guest at the launch party is encouraged to showcase their inner fashionista as well. Follow this guide for some inspiration, and get ready to strut your stuff at the VALLEY Launch Party on Nov. 7!

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This semester’s launch party will be taking place during the transition into the holiday season, which of course means one thing: glitter! Whether it is a sequin-covered dress or a pop of glittery eye shadow, any type of sequin or rhinestone will enhance your launch party look and will shimmer in photographs!

Big Coats
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Adding a big coat to any outfit can automatically enhance the entire look. Recently, faux fur and teddy coats have been extremely on-trend and can be dressed up or down. Wear a simple dress or skirt and top, and throw on a big coat with some jewelry to achieve a classic look. If it gets too warm, drape the coat over your shoulders for a great photo pose!

Business Fashion
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Blazers and slacks are no longer reserved just for the office — celebrities and fashionistas alike have been re-imagining the idea of business wear and turning it into fashion. Oversized blazers with a dress are a smart and chic pair. Alternatively, try out a pair of plaid slacks with some strappy heels for a girly yet serious vibe.

Highs & Lows
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Perfect for looking cute and staying warm in the State College November weather, try mixing and matching high and lows. For example, wear a long cardigan over a short skirt, or a cropped jacket with a jumpsuit. The different lengths will add a new dimension to your look and will keep you warm outside and cool inside.

Whatever You Want

While there are certainly trends that are “in,” nothing looks better than confidence. The VALLEY Launch Party is meant to be an event to showcase creativity and confidence and nothing does that better than an outfit that screams “you.” Whether that is a tuxedo or a cocktail dress, no jewelry or a huge chain, flats or platform heels, VALLEY is sure that everyone will be rocking their looks.

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