Why Does My Girlfriend Like Joe Burrow so Much?

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Joe Brrr, Joe Shiesty, Joe Cool, “America’s Boyfriend”, the star quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals is known by many different names. As fans have no problem pointing out, Burrow is a classically handsome man. At just 26 years old, Joe Burrow has amassed an almost cult-like following as one of the most notable celebrity players in the NFL.

Interviewers have gravitated to his quiet confidence since the Bengals advanced to the Super Bowl in 2022. As a quarterback, Burrow has been given his fair share of attention. As a leader, Burrow has credited his teammates for their hard work. When comparing the Bengals as a team in 2021 to 2022, he said the team feels more complete. “I think we’re a better team, and we just seem to make more plays when it counts,” says Burrow. 

There are 32 teams in the NFL and hundreds of players, but few players with the media attention that has transcended beyond typical coverage.


Aside from football, Burrow has shown interest in giving back to the communities that saw him through both of his college football teams. The Joe Burrow Foundation aims to assist families in Ohio and Louisiana who are working to overcome food insecurity and childhood mental health issues. He launched the nonprofit along with his parents, Robin and Jimmy Burrow, to provide assistance to Cincinnati, Baton Rouge, and other areas. 

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Everybody has a responsibility to do good.

Joe Burrow
A Viral Sensation

If TikTok is good for one thing, it’s delivering carefully curated content. On the app, #joeburrow has over 1.7 billion views, with #joeburrowedit following with over 135 million views and #joeburrowismydaddy at over 10 million views. Under these hashtags, videos ranging from interview clips to him sitting on the sidelines of a game have only helped to boost his image. Short clips of Burrow on podcasts talking about the “Star Wars” posters in his room and his interest in physics and the solar system are spreading like wildfire across the app to those who may not have taken an interest in the athlete otherwise. 


Game day fashion is something of an art. It gives players the chance to express personality usually clad in their team’s uniform. Undeniably, the man can dress. Photos have quickly circulated the internet following Burrow’s pre-game outfits. These outfits have only added to the number of nicknames that have been created for Burrow. 

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His style has been praised by media outlets like the New York Times, both for the ensemble itself and the clothing’s origins. Ahead of the A.F.C Championship game last year, Burrow was photographed entering the arena wearing sunglasses, a black turtleneck, a chain with a diamond “JB9” pendant (a reference to his name and jersey number) — and a massive fuzzy jacket decorated with hearts. The jacket was designed by Micah Saltzman, the younger brother of one of Joe Burrow’s oldest friends. His clothing line, Live2Love saw an influx of orders after the piece was seen on Burrow. 

Burrow has worn other designs made by lesser known creatives. Ace Boogie, a lifelong Bengals fan and lesser known creative who grew up in Cincinnati, was inspired to make a shirt showcasing the team’s wide receivers. He sent the shirt to Tyler Boyd, Ja’Marr Chase, Tee Higgins and Burrow, not knowing if they would ever be worn. Then his phone started blowing up. 

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To see him wear that just speaks to the kind of guy Joe is. He’s tapped in with the city. He’s an Ohio guy and supports little guys like me and stuff like that.

Ace Boogie
Joe Burrow Hive Rise

Teammates going back to Burrow’s high school days have credited his emotional intelligence. Adam Luehrman, who played alongside Burrow on the Athens High football team, praised Burrow’s character. “You know you have those typical jocks in high school? Not Joe. He’d talk to anyone. That’s how you grew up: You didn’t think anybody was below you, beneath you or above you,” said Luehrman.

After Damar Hamlin, a player for the Buffalo Bills suddenly collapsed during a game this January, both coordinators and players seemed at a loss. Burrow was one of the many to express his support. “Nobody wanted to continue to play the game in a situation like that. I know how everybody would be feeling in our locker room if it was one of our guys, and I know how we were feeling and it was one of their guys. So it was a scary and emotional night,” says Burrow.

Burrow’s Occupation? Quarterback and Professional Heartthrob. Since the phenomena of hot quarterbacks has taken the internet by storm, sport’s typical relationship with fans has given the NFL new life. Wherever his career takes him, fans are sure to follow.

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