Trend Alert: Color-Blocked Collages

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Have you been seeing those color-coordinated collages that tons of sororities have hanging in their dorm buildings, or outside the doors to their bedrooms? Well, if you’re interested in making one, stay tuned, VALLEY has you covered!


First, VALLEY made a Pinterest board specifically dedicated to this!  You can find it here.  It includes tons of images sorted in rainbow order (can’t find your color? Just keep scrolling!)

Key Words

Secondly, it helps to search for the color you’re looking for, followed by other buzzwords such as grunge, aesthetic, soft, neon, or vintage. This will help you to find a diverse set of pictures to spice up your collage!

It also is good to check the copyright on any photo if you’re going to be posting it online.

Other Photo Sources

Although we found Pinterest to be the best platform for this, you can definitely use Google or other stock image websites to find patterns and word art to fit into your collage, as well.  If you’re feeling like your collages looking boring, try going on your favorite celebs’ Instagram accounts and finding photos that fit into your color scheme. This is a great way to add visual interest.

When you’re done, tag us in your collage creations @VALLEYmag on Instagram!


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