Okay, it’s Time to Invest in a Scrapbook

Photo by Romina BM on Unsplash

Picture this (no pun intended): you’ve just taken dozens of cute photos with your friends, your eyes still semi-blinded by the flash of the camera. Naturally, you want to share the photos and savor the memories, but you don’t want to overload your social media accounts. Sound familiar? VALLEY has the perfect solution for you: scrapbooking.

Scrapbooking is an underrated, affordable and cute way to cherish some of your best memories. With disposable cameras making a major comeback from the ’90s, now is the time to go out, gather your materials and get to work. 

Whether you prefer simple or bold, bright or neutral, there’s a scrapbook for everyone. Amazon and other online sites have a wide variety of options, but if you’d rather buy one in-store, you can find some at Michaels, Walmart, Target, Jo-Ann and other crafts stores. If you’re feeling really creative, you can opt to make your own DIY scrapbook using some household materials.

Photo by Jessie Tyree Jenness for Root and Branch Paper Co.

Maintaining a consistent style and color scheme will help to make your scrapbook visually pleasing. Choose a word to describe your desired aesthetic, and buy materials that align with that word. Want it to be bold? Use bright, patterned cardstock paper and stickers. Seeking a more subdued or simple look? Choose earthy, neutral-colored paper and leave more empty space on the pages. Not sure what you want? Try creating a mood board on Pinterest to develop your own aesthetic.

Photo by Grace Hamilton

Remember that scrapbooks don’t have to be full of pictures with just friends and family. There are so many other themes and approaches that allow you to express what you’re passionate about. Have some old fashion magazines laying around? Cut out some photos and create a look book. Really love music? Print out album covers and song titles and create a “playlist” page. Feeling ambitious? Make a collage of future goals and lifestyle inspiration.

The possibilities are truly endless. Channel your inner creativity and find ways to incorporate what you love into your scrapbook. Have fun, and don’t forget to tweet us, @VALLEYmag, to show off your work!



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