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In the age of smartphones, text messages, social media, gifs, Zoom and instantaneous communication, there is something unexpected and special about receiving a card in the mail. Actually taking the time to make a card, handwrite a message, buy postage and put it in the mail is a such simple act of kindness but also a grand gesture in today’s world. Why? Because it is so rare in our increasingly digital landscape.

While text messages can be paired with funny gifs and decked to the nines with heart emojis and confetti animations, sometimes the thought and care put into a handmade card cannot be replicated with screens and swift keyboard strokes. There’s something to be said for doing things the “old-fashioned” way, so take your love letters, thank you notes, friendly hellos, warm wishes and thinking of you’s to paper and make some cards for your friends, family and loved ones! Here is a list of staple supplies you need to get started.

Cards and Envelopes

Before you can start card making, you’re going to need some cards and envelopes, of course! While you can certainly purchase cardstock paper and cut it down to make cards completely from scratch, VALLEY recommends purchasing some blank card and envelope sets to get started. This way, you won’t have to worry about resizing your cards to fit into the envelopes.

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Check out this card and envelope set from Amazon. These toasty brown cards and envelopes are the perfect foundation for crafting a chic, rustic motif. They are $11.95 for a package of 48 matching cards and envelopes.

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While maybe a little less exciting than some other options out there, the plain white card and envelope set is a staple for card making. This blank canvas is just waiting to be brightened up with your own imagination and creativity. Shop this 20 count simple white card and envelope set for only $6.95 on Amazon here.

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However, if you’re like VALLEY and simply cannot decide which color you like best, try a variety card and envelope set like this one from Amazon. With a wide array of shades and hues to choose from, your cards will be ready to bring joy all year round. Shop this 108 count card and envelope set for $12.99 on Amazon. Oh, and did we mention this set comes with rhinestones too!


Once you have your blank cards ready to go, you’re going to need some form of writing utensil to write out your message or perhaps add some drawings of your own. Utilize whatever supplies you already have around the house or apartment because odds are you already have some school supplies that can double as card making materials just as well. Felt tip markers, ballpoint pens and ink gel pens are all great options.

However, if you are really getting into your card making and want to explore other options, consider investing in calligraphy pens or metallic pens to add extra detail to your cards.

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Create eye-catching designs and beautiful lettering with this set of black calligraphy pens from Amazon. Including 10 different sized calligraphy and hand lettering pens for $11.85, this set is perfect for crafting large cursive titles and small, intricate messages.

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On the other hand, if adding a little sparkle is your thing, check out these fabulous metallic marker pens from Amazon. For $10.99, these writing utensils come in 10 different shades and will add some shiny accents to your cards no matter what the occasion is. Just look at the way they pop on black cardstock!

Decorative Paper

While all you need is a card, an envelope and something to write with to get started, you don’t have to stop there. Try adding some fun patterns and exciting textures to your cards with decorative paper! Cut out different shapes, add a border, or layer some different materials to make your cards come to life.

You can actually purchase books of themed cardstock at craft stores and online. These pads of paper are really convenient because you can make complementary designs without having to buy and store individual pieces of paper, so check out these products below. Whether you need florals and paisleys or abstract patterns and animal prints, you can find just about any decorative paper for your card making activities!

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With the holiday season quickly approaching, this pad of Christmas paper featuring Santa Claus, snowflakes, Christmas trees and wintery plaids is perfect for your annual Christmas cards and warm holiday greetings! Shop this pad of jolly paper on Amazon.

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On the other hand, if you would like to make modern designs, check out these stone and neutral-colored papers featuring contemporary patterns and gold accents. They’ll make a perfect hello or thank you card for your fashion-forward friends. Shop this trendy pad of paper on Amazon.

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Finally, check out this pad of decorative paper featuring teals, oranges and soft greens. These polka dots, florals, stripes and butterflies would make a lovely addition to a spring or summer greeting card. You can shop this designer paper on Amazon.

In today’s world, sending and receiving cards in the mail is such a rare gift, so VALLEY hopes that you’ll start making some cards this year. Getting started doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Invest in these staple card making supplies to start sharing a special message with your friends and loved ones this year!


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