7 Photoshoot Ideas for When You’re Stuck at Home

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You don’t have to be at a football game or the beach to get the perfect Instagram photo. If you’re tired of wearing the same three pairs of sweatpants every week, use this as an excuse to dress up! No need to post a throwback when you can have a photoshoot right from the comfort of your own home. Need ideas? VALLEY has you covered. Grab your quarantine buddy, a camera and have fun!


Like many trends nowadays, this idea comes from TikTok. Bring a mirror outside and have someone take a picture of your face in the reflection. Don’t be afraid to play with the different angles. The pictures are even better when taken at golden hour so the sun can reflect on your face.

TikTok Mirror Challenge


Look through old scrapbooks to find pictures to recreate! Whether they be of yourself when you were younger or your grandmother in high school, this is a fun way to see how you’ve all grown up. It’s also an excuse to clean through your closet and find the perfect outfits to match.

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Speaking of throwbacks, why not dress up for each decade? From the pink ladies of the ’50s to the neon and crazy hair of the ’80s, there’s iconic looks for every year. Get creative with the backdrop — if you need a bright background, find a blanket or tarp to hang on the wall or lay on the floor. BONUS: Create a fun montage video like Youtuber Ellie Thumann, setting music from that time era in the background as you model the clothes.


A photoshoot for every color of the rainbow because…why not? Search not only for clothes of the same color, but anything you can find. From headbands to jewelry to blankets, food, makeup and more — the more of the same color the better. For the background, find pieces of paper to match and stick them on the wall. 

Yellow Inspiration

Red Inspiration


Put your beauty skills to the test. There are hundreds of videos online with different makeup looks to recreate. The “power of makeup” challenge, for example, requires putting makeup on only one side of your face. Or, it’s never too early for a unique Halloween look!


“Disney bounding” refers to when people use modern-day clothes to dress up as Disney characters. While the outfits are usually worn in the theme parks, who is to stop anyone from dressing up at home? After picking your favorite character, gather together an outfit that resembles theirs (but without it looking like a costume.) Snow White, for example, has blue, red and yellow in her dress, so look for those colors. Then, find a location that matches (to the best of your ability, of course…Moana may be a little hard for those of us who don’t live by a beach!). Whether it be leaning against a tree or gazing out the window, have fun with it and bring out your inner child.

Photo from TheTalko.com
Photo from TheTalko.com

Chaunna Diaz shows off this extremely cool idea in her YouTube video. If you don’t already have a projector at home, you can order cheap ones on Amazon or even try to make a DIY version. As Diaz explains, Google search the type of background that you want following the word “aesthetic.” She uses backdrops with tie-dye, stars, cherries and more — the possibilities are endless.

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