Did Someone Say “Photoshoot”?: Indoor Photo Locations on Campus

Photo from hhd.psu.edu

Yes, it is absolutely freezing outside! Penn State winter is in its full-blown form (pun intended), and it can be hard to look cute while you’re battling the elements. That’s why VALLEY has curated a list of indoor photoshoot locations around campus and downtown so you can keep warm while making your Instagram hot!

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1. Pattee and Paterno Library

The Pattee and Paterno Library is huge. It boasts many different rooms, all featuring different aesthetics. There are some sections of dark and light academia and vintage class. Try posing in front of a bookshelf or on a desk in the room that’s reminiscent of Harry Potter. Maybe even pose with your go-to Starbucks order or a book.  

2. Bellisario Media Center

If you are looking for a clean, modern background, the Bellisario Media Center is for you. With the light wooden elements, intricate lighting, large staircases and lots of glass, this environment has the perfect combination of aesthetics to meld together for a background that is bound to make your outfits shine. You can do standing poses on the steps and sit in the brightly colored chairs for a pop of color. 

 3. Biobehavioral Health Building Glass Steps

This one is a bit of a hidden gem. The high staircases create an interesting, layered background. The dim lighting plus the outdoor light shining through the long windows will create a perfect photo — no filter needed. An action shot on the steps would be perfect. Act casual and strut your way down, pretending the camera isn’t even there for a paparazzi moment.

4. Fraser Street Parking Garage Elevator

This one is a classic because who doesn’t love a good parking garage photo? It is right near the downtown Target which is just a short walk from campus. This parking garage elevator is unique because it’s clear. Your fit check or main character moment will be elevated (sorry, not sorry) at this location.  

5. Business Building

The business building is perfect for a far away shot. Again, it has lots of natural light and curved staircases. You can pose in front of the windows or on the steps. Plus, you can grab a little snack at Saxby’s while you’re at it and incorporate it as a prop. 

Style never stops, not even in the frigid Penn State winter. Now you can enjoy your photoshoots without having to pretend to be warm!

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