Insta Inspo: 12 Poses Every Fashionista Should Try

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Instagram is basically where we house the coolest version of ourselves. And let’s be real, we are all looking for ways we can up our game. So you’ve tried the outdoor mirror trend and mastered the perfect selfie — what now? Not all of us have mansions and Cabo sunsets at our disposal that we can use as backdrops, and that’s OK. This is an inspiration guide anyone can follow for all of the poses guaranteed to showcase your style and step up your feed.

The “Food Connoisseur”
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Food can make for the perfect photo prop. Sometimes, a bowl of pasta can be just as powerful as a Birkin bag — it really can be just as beautiful as its beholder. Not only do you have great taste in fashion, your taste in food is just as immaculate. Plus, the sauce can really bring out your eyes!

The “Copy Cat”
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Icons mimicking icons — we love it. The “copy cat” pose epitomizes cool. It’s perfect for a summer day trip to your favorite museums or art galleries. You are the art! 

The “Drop It Like It’s Hot”
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Unleash your inner Instagram baddie and drop it low. This is an easy way to show off everything from your makeup to your hair in one shot. Not only will you look effortless, but this pose has a way of accentuating your bum. So go ahead and show a little — flaunt what you got!

The “I Love Myself More” 
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Of course you love your fans (aka followers), but even they must be reminded that you love yourself more! You care about the canvas just as much as you do the art. Instagram loves all things model off-duty. Let ’em know you are a girl with p-r-i-o-r-i-t-i-e-s. That’s hot.

The “Bow Down, Now Look Up”
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This pose is a power move. You look ready for world domination, plus you also have the perfect backdrop. This pose is ideal for days when the sky is looking equally as fire as you are. 

The “Masterpiece on Aisle 3”
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Grocery store pictures are crucial. If you haven’t ever taken pictures of yourself looking couture in the candy section of your local gas station, what are you doing? Your followers will love the spunk — not to mention that the contents of your local 7/11 can add a lot of color to your feed.

The Stalker 
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This pose is the perfect way to show off everything, from your purse to your hair. All you need is your bestie to play the role of a crazed fan sneaking pictures in a public bathroom. For some extra spice, apply some lipstick or fake a phone call. 

The “Up Close and Personal”
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Putting something, whether it be a glass of wine or a peace sign, up close to the camera makes for an adorable picture. Look how much fun you’re having! 

The “Fox Eye”
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The Fox Eye trend is the latest celebrity selfie trend. This pose is a go to for Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The pose strategically lifts your eyes, giving the “fox eye” appearance. This pose will make you look fierce, especially when it’s accompanied by a bad-ass outfit.

The “Side Eye”
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Whether you’re easily distracted or your ex just walked into the room, the side eye pose is a classic. It’s also a fabulous way to show off your favorite shades.

The “Maxin n’ Relaxin Mirror Selfie” 
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This pose is a super cute way to add some personality to your mirror pics. A hand on the cheek is perfect for any occasion, but it just hits differently in mirror selfies. We don’t make the rules, we just follow them. 

The “Attention To Detail”
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This pose gives your feed some versatility. The close-up pose is basically a public service announcement. This pose showcases the details in your outfits or makeup that you feel your followers should know about.



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