Little Bits of Love

Have you been feeling burnt out from life in general? That’s completely normal and VALLEY has you covered with these feel good projects based around love!

The Unsent Project

The Unsent Project is an ever-growing collection of text messages that people never sent to their first loves. It explores the relationship between love and color, allowing you to choose a colored background that you think best fits the relationship you had with your first love.  You can browse through every entry on their website, and even sort them by color. Contributing to the project (by creating your own little message box and submitting it) can be a very therapeutic way to express how you’re feeling in a sort of shout into the void. Plus, they’re fun to read through and imagine what the people who are writing/ being written to are like.

The World Needs More Love Letters

The World Needs More Love Letters is a project that allows people to make requests for love letters, letters of encouragement, etc., and then allows for people all over the world to respond to those requests. You could find the requests on their website, along with information about each of the people involved in running the project.  Along with these love letter requests, they also run a blog, where they talk about a ton of different topics. Try reading through the requests and seeing if there’s any that you would be interested in responding to!

To Write Love on Her Arms

To Write Love on Her Arms is a nonprofit that focuses on self-care and helping people to get treatment for depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide.  They have a self-care tab on their website that offers many different ideas on how to help yourself to relax and feel more at peace.  They also have a tab that will help you find nearby, free or reduced-price treatment if you are struggling with any of the mental health issues listed previously. They also have a blog that talks about all different types of mental health issues and different people’s experiences with them. There’s even have an app, called The Hopeful, to help you focus on self-care!


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