Decoding Your Love Language

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Let’s face it—everyone loves someone in this world. Whether it’s your mother, high school crush, or even your dog — everyone loves and has loved someone in their life.

The five love languages have been quite the rave with our generation, with college students eagerly taking quizzes and finding out what their love language is. The five love languages take on various forms: words of affirmation, acts of service, gift receiving, quality time and physical touch.

VALLEY recommends you take the quiz below to find out your love language! There are a variety of quizzes you can take based on your relationship status, like single, couple’s, and teens. Pick a quiz that is geared towards your current relationship status or age to get the most accurate results!

1. Words of Affirmation

The Good: If your love language is words of affirmation, you’re definitely the mom or dad of the group. You love to encourage your friends to chase their dreams and conquer their goals, which makes you a favorite among your group for different things like advice and comfort. Your strong, yet solace persona doesn’t scare your friends and family away but rather uplifts them to follow in your footsteps. 

The Bad: Sometimes, these words of affirmation can be overwhelming for those in your circle. Your confidence holds a grey line, and it can sometimes be confused with having a big ego.

2. Acts of Service

The Good: VALLEY knows this—you’re the type of person to put the shopping cart back. You’re always the backbone of your circle, doing small, yet meaningful favors for other people that seem to make all the difference. Your friends can always rely on you after a hard day, and you’re always attempting to make other people’s lives’ easier. You’re the type of person that picks up their trash at the Penn State football games, just to make the job on the clean-up crew easier. 

The Bad: Sometimes, you hardly find the time to take care of yourself. You’re always worrying about others, which takes time away from you taking care of yourself. Take a break and let others do a favor or two for you!

3. Receiving Gifts

The Good: You’re the person who’s always super excited for the time to open gifts at a birthday party. You’re the literal definition of thoughtfulness —always going the extra step to see your friends smile. Your friends always rely on you when it comes to planning an event, because you always know how to make a night totally perfect. You’re a perfectionist in every way, especially when it comes to wrapping a gift. 

The Bad: Sometimes, you’re a little too much of a perfectionist. Not everything in life will be perfect, so take a deep breath and relax.

4. Quality Time

The Good: You’re the type of friend who will come over at 3 AM, when your best friend is crying about her recent breakup. You’re always prepared, especially when it comes to damage control and post-breakup blues. Your best friends always have your number on speed dial, because you’re the type of person who realizes the importance of in-person interaction. 

The Bad: Sometimes, you never get quality alone time with yourself because you are so focused on always being around others. Get that idea out of your head—alone time is just as important as spending time with others!

5. Physical Touch

The Good: You’re the type of friend who holds the “Free Hugs” sign at the music festival. Valuing physical connections with others is really important to you, which is why you’re always happy to give your friends a hug when you know they need one. You are ultimately the shoulder to lean on in your friend group and are always up for a coffee or shopping date. 

The Bad: Sometimes, when other people don’t shake your hand when first introduced or hug you goodbye—you could take this as the person intentionally being rude. However, all people were raised in different families and places, so the concept of physical touch varies from culture to culture. Don’t take things like this personally!

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