Keeping The Love in Long Distance

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Whether youve been in a relationship for years or have only been together a few months, having a partner move far away is always a daunting and difficult change to incorporate into a relationship. While those around you may say it’s not going to work out, there are thousands of success stories from around the globe for you to turn to and get inspiration from. Thinking of ways to keep your love alive and growing while far away can be stressful, so VALLEY has put together a collection of ideas for you and your LDR partner to try out.

“3, 2, 1, Click!”

With each new week comes a brand new app or feature making shared time together from a distance easier than ever. While calling and texting is important, using a platform such as Skype or FaceTime allows partners to communicate in a way that lessens miscommunication and allows for the incorporation of fun “date night” ideas.

Pick a TV show or movie on Netflix, Hulu or another platform to watch together during which you can comment about your favorite scenes and characters to each other as if you’re sitting next to each other. VALLEY suggests picking a show you don’t have to pay much attention to such as Brooklyn 99, Friends or The Office in order to multitask talking and watching without missing a possible important part of the show.

Is cooking one of your fortes? Pretend to be chefs for the night and video chat while making the same recipe or your regular dinner go-to that you can then sit and eat as if on a regular dinner date, and make sure you don’t forget dessert! If you both have midterms or a lot of work to finish, a quiet video-chat can be another comforting idea to try out sometimes something as simple as seeing their picture on your screen and knowing that your partner is there and present with you can help a lot.

“You’ve Got Mail!”

It can be a huge downer when you know you won’t see one another for quite some time, so simple acts of love such as sending real snail mail can be an intimate and thoughtful gesture to do once in a while. A simple care package full of their favorite snacks, holiday themed items, handwritten notes or small gifts that you think they would love can be a great idea. After sending the package, you could even have an “unboxing” video chat date so you can see their smile when they open it all.

When leaving each other’s apartments or homes, you can also leave mini-surprises such as handwritten love letters or small gifts in areas that they will discover once you leave in order to surprise them and give them the feeling that you are still there with them.

Ever have a moment in your relationship that you’d like to reminisce over at a later date? Try sending an email to your future-selves usingFutureMe, a simple online tool that allows you to send an email on a specific date privately or publicly. You could choose an anniversary or another important date you share in common and even add pictures to the message too, giving you both a great surprise and intimate moment to share later down the line when receiving it.

Get Creative

A simple idea to start with is to share a piece of clothing with one another, whether it be trading favorite sweatshirts or T-shirts, having something of each other’s to wear or sleep with can be very comforting for each of you. On top of TV shows and movies, you can also check out multiplayer games online to challenge each other in find your favorite games or apps and play throughout the day or as part of a date night during the week. Or have you ever thought about joining a book club? Try it out now with your significant other by picking a book and reading a certain amount of pages or chapters and talking about it together once a week or every month. Do you think one of you could be the next Picasso? Find out by drawing together virtually using FlockDraw, a free online whiteboard where you can let your creativity flow.


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