More Than A Classroom — How to Have Fun with Zoom

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Zoom can be used for more than just listening to your 9 a.m. teacher’s lecture. Since we can’t see our friends during this time, using video chat is a great way to catch up with multiple friends at a time. When you get tired of just talking, why not have some virtual fun?

If you’ve been looking for some ways to bring some entertainment to your Zoom video calls, VALLEY has you covered with these ideas.

Host a Trivia Night

If you’ve been missing your trivia nights at the bars or just want to test your friends’ knowledge, coming up with trivia questions is an easy way to have the best virtual game night. Have one friend be the host and come up with different questions; you can create different categories too, such as Pop Culture, Sports, History, etc. Have your “contestants” send their answers through the private chat (or a text message) and reveal the winner at the end!


For the friends who struggle with art, this game will be hilarious as everyone tries to figure out what is being drawn. Instead of pulling out a paper and pen to show the camera, use Zoom’s whiteboard feature! Click the share screen button, then select the whiteboard option. There will be tools that allow you to draw with your mouse. Take turns sharing the whiteboard and have your friends guess your creation! 

Watch a Movie

If you miss cozying up on the couch to watch the latest Netflix movie with your friends, use Zoom to share screens instead! As long as your Wifi is OK, have one of your friends pull up the streaming service of choice on their computer and share screens with the group. This way, you can watch the movie, but still see your friends’ faces to make comments and feel as if you’re all watching it together. 

Cards Against Humanity

If card games are your favorite, this website will come in handy. is a website that allows you to play virtual games, such as Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Checkers and more. If you and your college friends need a laugh, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Remote Insensitivity,” which is the website’s version of Cards Against Humanity. Share the link with up to six players so everyone can play. Just like the actual game, every player will get 10 “answer” cards from the pile. Select the card you believe best matches the fill in blank from the dark card displayed. Video chat with friends over Zoom at the same time to hear everyone’s live reactions as the answers are revealed!

Take a Class

Once school classes finally end (or you’re just in need of an educational break) take a fun class online with friends to learn something new. Companies like Brit + Co, Skillshare and Masterclass offer classes that can teach you anything from Photography, to watercolor painting, to cake decorating, photoshop and more.

Even after the pandemic passes, this is still a great way to connect with friends across the country. Just because Zoom is being used for classes doesn’t mean it can’t be used for fun!



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