Studying for F20 Midterms 101

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This semester has been nothing short of chaos for students of all ages across the United States. With classes being online, many have had to alter their learning adjustments to accommodate the new norm. Studying and focusing is hard enough, and it is even harder in these times. With midterms and exams soon approaching, VALLEY is here to share some tips that will help you get an A!

Take Breaks

The first suggestion for when you are studying is to take breaks. Although at times perceived as a form of procrastination, breaks are necessary. It is important to schedule your breaks so that you have something to look forward to and work towards.

Having a break to look forward to will make you more incentivized to keep studying. Your brain needs breaks in order to obtain more information. If you cram course material all in at once, you’re more likely to forget.

Take breaks after you review a few chapters or sections of what you’re studying. Make your break no longer than 5-10 minutes, as you want your brain to still be in the study mode. Use this as your time to refresh and refuel!

Minimize Distractions

Seen as one of the hardest tasks to do may appear as the most helpful and effective. With easily available and accessible technology one can find themselves easily distracted.

Avoiding work at all costs, users at times will find themselves aimlessly scrolling on their phones and other devices. What some can do to avoid this problem, is to put devices in another room when studying. It sounds like a lack of self-control, but it can be beneficial if you’re easily distracted! Procrastination makes one even more stressed, and with the removal of a major distraction, there’s an increased chance of productivity.

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Another way to improve studying habits is by using your favorite snacks as an incentive. If you need to read an article, what you can do is reward yourself with a snack after you read a few paragraphs or pages.

For example, after reading a page or two of an article, one can reward themselves with an apple slice. With a short attention span, this allows people to feel motivated to power through their assignments.


One last tip is one that has been shared throughout social media on platforms including TikTok. Various users have been doing assignments to the song “Wind Resistance” by Kinneret.

Finding the right background noise can take away from the eerie silence a room can create and swing mood based on the song’s tempo, adjusting to the assignment at hand.

Adjusting to the school may seem difficult but these few steps are here to power you through the rest of the semester!


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