Nothing Ordinary About The Ordinary

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As broke college students, finding makeup in drugstore aisles or while browsing the web, has become increasingly easier—quality makeup at affordable prices right at our fingertips. We couldn’t say the same about skincare until The Ordinary came along.

Not Your Ordinary Skincare

The Ordinary, a Canadian-based skincare brand from Deciem, features an array of serums, oils and exfoliators. Last year, the brand also debuted two sets of foundation, a lightweight serum and high coverage foundations in 21 shades.

Their prices range from around $5 to $15—a steal for the incredible quality. The brand works with sustainable ingredients, both vegan and cruelty-free, and features a variety of retinoids, including lactic acid, marula oil and rose hip seed oil.

The Ordinary had created waves within the beauty and cosmetic industry—a no frills, non-influencer-led, quality brand. Transparent pricing is a hallmark for Brandon Truaxe, co-founder of Deciem (just follow them on Instagram for some serious shade).

The brand is so popular that it’s often sold out on The Ordinary’s official site. Luckily, they also sell online at Sephora, Asos and Beautylish, along with some brick and mortar stores in major cities.

Some Of Their Ordinary Products

VALLEY recommends the Hyaluronic Acid ($6.80), a hydrating serum which lies on top of the skin and creates a soft, dewy and hydrated appearance. Apply 2-3 drops, and pat into freshly cleansed skin nightly, never under makeup.

The most stellar product in the line is the Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil ($9.80).  This cold-pressed wonder is not greasy, and actually feels like a dry oil. For those with a daily multi-step skincare routine, apply the oil after moisturizer to lock all of that luxury in.  This oil can also be massaged into the skin alone to help improve lymphatic drainage.

For acne-prone skin, the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution ($5.30) can be applied directly to blemishes or all over for quick breakout prevention. With beta hydroxy acids like this one, sunscreen is essential as the acids make skin much more sensitive to the sun’s rays and prone to sunburns. Although no dramatic change in the skin is noticeable with this acid, it does an amazing job at keeping blemishes at bay.

Although retinoids may seem a bit scary at first, when used correctly they can prove to be an effective step in any skincare routine. The Ordinary offers a variety of these retinoids, with differing potencies catering to every skin type. While they’re usually advertised solely for anti-aging purposes, retinoids can also help with dark spots and acne scars, as well. Just like with those acids, retinoids also increase skin’s sensitivity to the sun, so be sure not to forget your SPF.

The Ordinary gives us all hope that perhaps this new year, glowy skin can finally be achieved, sans highlighter and with a few dollars left over in our pockets.


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