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The beauty blog turned skincare superstar that we know you’ll love—as if you don’t already— Glossier.

If you know the brand then there’s a huge chance you’re already obsessed and if you don’t, then Valley is sure that once you do, you won’t be able to get enough. Glossier is basically the skinny jeans and white t-shirt of your cosmetics collection – the best of your basics, and totally essential. It’s a skincare and makeup brand focused on bringing out the best of your beauty, not covering it up. But before we dig into the products themselves, let’s go all the way back to when Glossier was born.

In 2010, all thanks to founder Emily Weiss, the internet was blessed with the creation of Into the Gloss, the beauty-based website that we never knew we always needed. But Into the Gloss isn’t just any ol’ beauty blog, the site was created with much bigger dreams in mind. ITG was made to inspire. Content includes everything from haircare to product reviews to the latest beauty trends. What sets ITG apart from the rest is their push to emphasize just how different the definition of beauty is to each of us. In a completely original and genius move, ITG chose to emphasize this belief by actually talking to real women about what really works for them, in a few series of interview based articles. Whether these articles are sit-down interviews with names we all know and love, like Kim Kardashian, Emma Watson, and Kelly Rowland, or are written by everyday women, every article in the #ITGtopshelfie series is meant to showcase the individuality that comes naturally with beauty. Each article highlights the daily routines, favorite products and beauty ideals of the women interviewed, with a goal focused on inspiring women to embrace not only their own beauty, but their own individuality as a whole.

With the insane success that Into the Gloss ran into, the beauty editors of the site teamed up in 2014 to revolutionize the way we think about the beauty industry and to create what we all know and love as Glossier. The brand forged from the ideas dreamed up in ITG is focused on dewy, natural beauty with an ever-growing line of skincare and essential makeup products that always exceed expectations. While every product is up for grabs individually, Glossier sells their most essential products in convenient packages: Phase 1 Set focused on skincare essentials that leave every face happy and glowing, and Phase 2 Set focused on everything that comes after, from extra coverage to that necessary pop of color. Phase 1 kicks off their beauty routine with Milky Jelly Cleanser that gently cleanses skin and wipes out all traces of makeup, a Priming Moisturizer that smoothes and soothes skin with essential moisture, and finally with Balm Dotcom a multipurpose balm that comes in flavors like Original, Rose and Birthday Cake, and is perfect for everything from chapped lips to rough cuticles. Phase 2 perfectly completes that everyday look with Boy Brow, a cult-classic eyebrow pomade that shapes brows like no other, Stretch Concealer, a creamy concealer that blends flawlessly into skin, and Generation G, a sheer, matte lip color that comes in six shades. But, don’t worry, all the beauty brilliance doesn’t stop there. Glossier also sells a few more essentials perfect for women today, including a line of skin serums, a dewy highlighter, an effortlessly colorful gel-cream blush, and an ultra-breathable skin tint that leaves skin fresh and smooth.

If your shopping cart on Glossier isn’t full at this point, props to your level of self control, but honestly, what are you waiting for? Share your favorite Glossier products or first-time impressions with us on Facebook or @ValleyMag on Twitter!