Cold Water Beauty Hacks for Winter Weather

The bitter cold has made itself known to us here in State College, and with this transition into the frigid winter, the only thing to do is turn the shower faucets to the maximum heat level, right? Actually, no. That’s a great idea in theory, but from a health standpoint, your skin and hair will suffer.

The benefits resulting from skipping that luxurious hot shower are worth the goosebumps every now and then. Below are some of Valley’s reasons why you should welcome the chilly discomfort during these upcoming winter months.

For Your Face

You know those times when you fall asleep with caked-on makeup, neglect applying face lotion or, let alone, tend to your facial needs as the weather conditions wear on it? Well, this basic face-washing routine just may be the answer to your flakey skin prayers.

To close your pores, washing your face with warm water first, then rinsing with cold water is a sure way to brighten your skin, in addition to keeping it clean longer. The cold water will wake you up, pumping some energy into your refreshed skin.

Senior Allie Howski, who uses this cold water technique on a regular basis, says, “It really does make a difference. My face is hardly ever dry and always leaves me feeling fresh.”

In the Shower

Between harsh water pressures and warm water, washing your skin (including your face) in the shower is not the best for you. OK, yes, this is a bit unavoidable if you want to be decently clean, but turning the water on cold when rinsing soap off your body will do the trick in tightening your pores and cuticles.

In addition, “Never wash your face in the shower,” says Howski. “It took some time for me to realize this, but the water is a lot warmer in the shower than the water you use in the sink.” This water is too harsh on your skin, causing flakiness.

For Your Hair

If taking an ice-cold 10-minute shower just won’t do, then turn the water on cold only when rinsing the shampoo out of your hair. As your hairdresser has probably told you time and time again, the cold water won’t strip the oils from your hair and will close your pores, keeping the dirt out longer and allowing your hair to thrive on maximum shine levels.

While the cold weather usually calls for all things warm and cozy, if your skin and hair are suffering, you may need to get a little chilly in the shower. Remember, beauty is pain. (Sorta.)