Staff Pick of the Week: The POREfessional Face Primer

We all want to be one of those “I don’t need to wear makeup” girls, but the fact of the matter is, a select few of us actually can be those girls. Fortunately, there is a way that we can fool people into thinking we are. That being said, the POREfessional face primer by Benefit Cosmetics is our newest obsession at Valley.

This primer’s “matte rescue” abilities can keep your face from getting shiny and make your makeup indistinguishable from your natural skin texture. Underneath your makeup, it smooths your skin to make you look unblemished and gives it an “invisible finish”. As it blurs your pores with its POREfessional skills (hehe), you’ll never have to worry about your makeup looking caked-on.

“I hate the way makeup looks on my face without it,” says Jennifer Lash, a senior and business psychology major.

This product works magic at ranging between $28 and $31 depending on where and when you buy it. Purchasing locations include Ulta and Sephora and online at

Don’t waste another minute being unsatisfied with your current greasy makeup situation. The POREfessional face primer, with its engaging packaging (a graphic image of a woman staring at you), is our must-have beauty product.