A Year in COVID-19

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It is coming up on one year since that dreadful date—March 13, 2020. The day that changed everything. Everyone remembers where they were on that day. It was a Friday the 13th and did in fact bring bad luck our way. That day, everyone realized that the coronavirus was here, and wasn’t leaving for a while. Many are calling the months of March and April the “OG Quarantine” and many things from that time have sentimental value and bring back nostalgia.

Some people miss this time period of confusion and uncertainty as it was so new, but most people view it as such a dreadful time. Half of the things we did we can’t even remember, and they seem like they happened so long ago. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember all of the corona-related things we did in the last year!

#1 TikTok
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Quarantine and corona would have not been the same without TikTok. The app was very popular before this time of quarantine, but it gained so much more popularity during the first months of quarantine. Everyone was so bored, doing every dance trend and bringing their family members in it, too. Many people, including myself, get an instant flashback to quarantine when hearing the song “Supalonely” by Benee, as it seemed to be the theme song of TikTok at the time. Arguably, the biggest dance trend during the beginning of quarantine was “Savage” by Megan Thee Stallion.

#2 Whipped Coffee
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This trend came off of TikTok and definitely was an interesting one. This was coffee that people made with regular coffee grounds, and it turned out looking like whipped cream. Everyone was making this coffee in the first months of quarantine, but the trend seemed to fade as quickly as it started.

#3 Netflix Staples
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This was a huge breakthrough during quarantine. With everyone being so bored, we needed something exciting again. The Netflix shows gained popularity, and as soon as you started watching you couldn’t stop. John B. captivated us in Outer banks, and everyone became obsessed with the series and watched it over and over. Tiger King became everyone’s obsession, young and old. Carole Baskin became the focus of everyone, and there was even a Tik Tok dance made after her.

#4 Family Walks
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This trend seemed to only last in the beginning months of quarantine but was definitely iconic. With nothing to do, it was nice to go outside with your family and walk around, but that got old after a while.

#5 Drive-By Birthdays
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Drive-by birthdays were definitely an innovative way to celebrate someone’s birthday. All of the cars would line up, and go down the street and honk their horns for someone when it was their birthday, and hand gifts and cards out the window. They would also put signs in the yard. People did this for graduations, retirement parties, and really anything else that called for a celebration!

#6 Car Hangouts
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When we couldn’t hang out with our friends, car hangouts were the way to go. Everyone would gather in their own car, and sit in their trunk socially distant from the others.

#7 Chloe Ting
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Chloe Ting was the way to stay fit during the quarantine. With the gyms being closed, Chloe Ting’s workout videos were perfect. The most popular video was her “Two Week Shred” challenge, where you could get abs in two weeks. The video has over 300 million views. I don’t know how many people actually made it through the two weeks, but so many people tried and loved her videos.

#8 Baking
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With nothing to do, so many people tried baking and cooking new things. Many Tik Toks accounts of cooking gave people inspiration to try to make their own food with restaurants being closed. Many people tried baking bread, and many other things that they may not have had time to do before!

#9 Crafting
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With so much time on their hands, so many people got involved in crafting and making clothes and decor. Bleached sweatshirts were definitely popular, and everyone tried them. All you needed was bleach and a sweatshirt, and you could turn it into a brand new outfit! Other things people made were picture collages and decor for their rooms!

#10 TP and Hand Sani Shortage

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This one was by far the craziest, and no one thought this would ever happen. Right at the beginning of the pandemic, people cleared the shelves of grocery stores, stocking up on supplies in case we were in an absolute lockdown. Toilet paper aisles were completely empty, and food was also very scarce. Everyone started buying so many hand sanitizers and cleaning supplies as well. They eventually started a limit to how much toilet paper and hand sanitizer you could buy, and many grocery stores still have that limit today!

The pandemic is still affecting us a year later, but hopefully, we will return to normal life soon! Until then, stay safe and healthy!



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