Healthy Tanning for the Spring Break Sunshine

AudreyCillo.SafeTanningIt’s safe to say that we’re all aware of the unhealthy consequences of tanning. Premature aging, brown spots and wrinkles are just some of the minimal consequences compared to the biggie: skin cancer. No, thank you!

With spring break right around the corner, it’s important to be conscious of healthy tanning habits. Although our dermatologists would tell us to stay out of the sun, one of the main perks of spring break is coming back with that summer glow. Because, let’s face it, if you’re heading south you’re not going to ignore that sunshine. We live in central PA for goodness’ sake. But before you oil your skin up, consider these healthy tanning options.

While spray-tans are your safest option here in State College, the same cannot be said for the south. Many girls indulge in a spray-tan before spring break in order to hit the beach with safe, pre-existent tan – but they are doing themselves a disservice.

“I’m a total advocate for spray tans,” says Jill, an employee at Ultimate Tans. “But a spray tan won’t keep you from getting burnt on spring break.”

Not only that, but they won’t always last.

“It can wash off in the pool,” she says. “It might be nice for the first couple of days, but if you’re really going be hanging out in the water I wouldn’t recommend it.”

Instead, consider this: It’s best to get a quick base tan so the sun does not catch your skin off-guard. Although tanning beds aren’t the best idea when used consistently, two or three trips before break may add to your protection in the long run. A base tan can prevent harsh burns when the skin is exposed to the real-deal. However, be sure to use a strong SPF lotion, both in the tanning beds and on the beach.

Self-tanners are great alternatives to tanning beds and spray tans, especially pre-spring-break. Products such as Jergens Natural Glow +PROTECT can provide a healthy glow year-round, while also providing the protection your complexion deserves.  The SPF 20 moisturizer gradually tints your skin. Protection and a natural-looking tan? The best of both worlds!

Self-tanners + protectants can also be found in tanning salons, if you absolutely must use a tanning bed.

“Our best seller for self-tanner lotions is Ceremony by Designer Skin,” says Jill. “You can use it for protection before you go into the beds, but it also serves as a self-tanner.

The bottom line: You’re going to spend time in the sun. When you hit the beach, wear a sunscreen with a high SPF. Don’t go overboard and know your limit. Your future skin will thank you.

Photo by Audrey Cillo 

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