The Honest Truth: Long-Distance Relationships

Any relationship between two people who love each other is a beautiful concept, so how can something be more romantic than that you may ask — long-distance relationships, of course!

The cute Skype movie dates posted on VSCO, the long written letters signed with hearts delivered by mail every week along with romantic getaways when you reunite are what long-distance relationships are all about, right? They’re a Nicholas Sparks novel acted out in real life and if it’s true love, according to Tumblr, distance means nothing. The reality of the real life Nicholas Sparks dream is the simple fact that it isn’t that. Long-distance relationships are much more than that and hold truths that some may not realize. If you watched the Naked Brother’s Band when you were younger, you know that long-distance relationships can kill you. The truths that lie along the journey of living the long-distance reality are not what the Tumblr dream would have you believe.

Old Info, New Usage

Communication is vital in any relationship, and yes, we understand you probably already know that.  Communication in long-distance relationships is a little different than when your significant other lives a short drive away. You aren’t there in person so you may not be able to pick up on if the other is acting a little off. Being direct may help prevent the emotional dam from being built up. Learning to express your feelings when you feel a certain way, and discussing those issues or concerns when they present themselves is very essential in communicating. Once a dam breaks, it becomes a never ending rush of emotions pouring out.

Mix It All Together

Spending day and night focusing all your time on trying to keep the relationship healthy is unhealthy in and of itself. Of course you should want to talk and spend time with your partner as best as you can with miles between the two of you, but that shouldn’t consume your day. You still have other relationships in your life, so don’t let one take away from all the others you have. It’s a truth some don’t see or realize, but one that can take effect in your life. Along with maintaining relationships with others, make sure you keep one with yourself. Continue your outside passions and hobbies, as that is what helps make you, well — you. It’s a truth some may not think about, but an aspect each side of the relationship should take into account.

Heads or Tails

Support from friends and family may be like a type of coffee creamer you use, half and half. Some family and friends may be very supportive in your decision to have and maintain a long-distance relationship. They may live out your reality through a Nicholas Sparks dream in their head of a romantic love story. The other half, unfortunately, may not be as supportive or maybe they just aren’t into Nicholas Sparks! The truth in this is that with time, you will understand who supports you and your decision and who you can go to for input and advice. Just remember not to turn someone away just because they might be skeptical of long-distance.

And That’s The Tea

Long distance relationships can and will be tough — period. It’s an emotional journey that both sides of the relationship need to be willing to go on. Creating an environment for each other where you are both comfortable and can be open with one another will make this beautiful and, at times, challenging relationship into a healthier one. Long-distance relationships require mutual respect and dedication because it is and always will be a tough relationship to be in. Seeing your partner in person though will have all of the difficult times and challenges fly away like doves would in the background of — yes, you guessed right — a Nicholas Sparks movie.


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