Spice Up Your Space: Christmas Edition

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The end of the month of November brings two things— way too many Thanksgiving leftovers and the ‘socially acceptable’ time to start decorating for the holidays. Decorating your space, whether it be just your room or the whole house, for Christmas can help create a cozy and festive atmosphere.

VALLEY understands that just as many of us have different tastes in home decor, we have different tastes in Christmas decor. Here are three different styles of Christmas decor and tips on how to achieve the look:

Traditional Christmas decor
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Traditional Christmas involves everything festive: lots of green and red decorations and of course a lit-up Christmas tree. This is one of the easier Christmas aesthetics to achieve since you may already have a lot of the decorations necessary laying around your home.

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Tips on how to achieve the look:

  • Decorative throw pillows: pillows are an easy way to spice up your bedroom or living room. Look for Christmas pillows at places such as Homegoods and Target.
  • Greenery: incorporate garlands and wreaths in your space to give a cozy feel.
  • Light up and decorate your tree: the most traditional way to spruce up your home is by decorating your Christmas tree. Try to opt for ornaments that are sentimental and bring back memories of past Christmases.
  • Stockings and other accessories: using your stockings as a decorative piece is a nice personal decorative touch. Try adding some other accessories around your space as well, such as nutcrackers and mini faux trees.
Modern and cozy Christmas decor:
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If you’re looking for trendy and sleek Christmas decor, this is definitely for you. Modern Christmas decor is perfect for those who want to put their own personal style in their decor. This type of holiday decor is also more subtle and may go with your everyday decor better.

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Tips on how to achieve the look:

  • Nontraditional color scheme: pick a color scheme (and stick to it). The colors you use can help reflect your own personal style.
  • Wall art: trendy and modern Christmas wall art, from signs to framed photos, is a great way to uniquely decorate your space.
  • Small decorative pieces: as seen in the photo above, using small accessories can still make a statement. Use an array of candles, faux trees and anything else you might find that goes with the vibe of your home.
Simple Farmhouse Christmas decor:
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This type of holiday decor is suited for houses that already have a farmhouse vibe, or if you enjoy the simple, yet rustic and cozy decor. Like modern Christmas decor, this allows you to put your own personal twist on traditional holiday decor.

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Tips on how to achieve the look:

  • Neutral color scheme: a neutral color scheme will help create a simple and clean look. Try to incorporate whites, golds, tans and browns in your decorations. Candles and rustic lights are a great simple and neutral accessory to add-in.
  • Greenery: adding lots of greenery, from garland to faux trees, is a great way to add spice to neutral Christmas decor. As seen in the photo above, adding multiple types of greenery in one room goes together perfectly.
  • Themed ornaments: adding ornaments to your tree that are of the same color or same color scheme is visually pleasing and goes with the rustic farmhouse vibe.
  • chalkboards & signs: as seen in the photo above, writing messages on a chalkboard adds a unique and personal touch. Adding different chalkboards or rustic signs around the house is an effective way of adding the finishing touch to a room.

Let us know @VALLEYMag your favorite way to decorate for the holidays!


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