The Secret Behind The Bachelor’s High Ratings


With its buzz-worthy mix of romance and competition, “The Bachelor” franchise earns high ratings season after season. The shows boast fantastical getaways, heart-warming moments and endless drama. But what is it about shows like “The Bachelor,” “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor In Paradise” that have viewers obsessed? 

The Beaded Bag: The Trend of the Summer


Crochet and knit handbags seem to dominate the beach scene, but the beaded bag is a not-so-new trend. These chic bags have recently been popping up in stores frequented by college students, despite the fact that they can probably also be found in your grandmother’s closet.

5 Ways to Style a Slip Dress for Spring


A good slip dress is like the perfect pair of jeans: they are the foundation of a good outfit. Once you’ve secured your perfect slip, all that’s left to do is build off of them. With the warm weather slowly approaching, this 90s staple will be your new favorite piece.