Solving the Sunday Scaries: A Schedule to Make Your Post-Drunk Days Productive

Have you ever woken up after a night out and wasted the day feeling anxious and unmotivated? Us too… So we made a guide on how to work through the Sunday Scaries and have a good day, even after a long night!

Drink Water!

If you follow only one step from this list, let it be this one! Your body is dehydrated, so in order to feel semi-normal again, you will have to rehydrate.

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Eat breakfast

Even if you just drink a smoothie, getting some fuel in your body will allow the day to go much more smoothly. P.S… VALLEY has a ton of great smoothie recipes you can try out! Find some here, here, or here!

Take a shower and wash your face

It’s hard to have a good day when you feel dirty or when you can physically feel the night before clinging to you! Take a shower and get cleaned up so that you can focus on getting things done during the rest of your day. If you went to bed without doing your skincare routine, do it now! Take your old makeup off, wash your face, and notice how much better you feel.

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Get moving

We are not talking about any type of intense, Chloe-Ting level stuff. Just move your body and give yourself time to mentally process the previous night. Go for a walk, do an “easy” level yoga routine, just go outside and stretch your body if that’s what you feel like!

Make yourself a plan for the day

Whether this is a schedule on your phone, a to-do list, or a bunch of sticky note reminders, just have a plan for what you want to get done. Be realistic about it! Don’t plan an overwhelming day if you feel really sick or low energy.

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Go to bed at a reasonable time

Chances are if you were drinking the night before, you slept rather poorly. Make sure to get enough sleep so that you can start the week feeling good and being well-rested.

VALLEY wishes you good luck in mastering your Sunday Scaries!


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