Sorry, Sweaty!: Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Summer Skin Clear

Summer is a great time to kick back and relax with the people you love. During the summer, everything is in excess — free time, sun, and unfortunately, harsh conditions for your skin. Seeing as skin is the body’s largest organ and is easily affected by the conditions around it, it’s important to pay attention to it and take care of it. Here are some ways to protect you and your skin from harm while you live it up this summer. 

Sun Exposure

Being out and about in the sun is one of the quickest ways to cause damage to your skin if you’re not careful. It’s very important to apply sunscreen every day, especially if you will be in direct sunlight and wearing low-coverage clothing, such as a bathing suit. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends an SPF of at least 30. While applying it, don’t forget about the back of your neck, top of your ears, lips (use a lip balm with sun protection) and the tops of your feet. Try to wear clothing that keeps you covered up and safe from the harm of the sun, or if you’re swimming, try to spend time outside the pool in the shade. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every two hours!


Chlorine is a very harsh chemical that can be very damaging to your skin if you spend lots of time in the pool. In order to protect yourself from the damage, Allure suggests you rinse off before you get in the pool so that your skin can’t absorb as much chlorine. Drink plenty of water so that the chlorine won’t dry your skin out. Make sure to rinse off again after you’re done swimming and to moisturize your skin, especially the places where it is thinnest and most sensitive (such as under your eyes and around your nail beds). Doing this can help prevent discomfort and damage this summer.


Sweat can cause real issues for your skin in the summer. If you plan on being outside in the heat a lot, you can avoid heat rash and breakouts by consistently changing out of sweaty clothes and washing them before you wear them again. Wear loose-fitting clothes made of cotton in order to avoid skin irritation. Try spending time outside during the cooler hours of the day and make sure to bring a towel to dab sweat away from your skin while you’re in the sun. Another easy solution to irritation from sweat is to just make sure that you are showering consistently after working or hanging out in the heat.

With these strategies, you’re set to have a clear-skinned summer!


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