Boxes That Go Beyond Beauty

Beauty boxes are all the rage and an easy, convenient way to upgrade your beauty regime, but what about products that make you feel good on the inside? VALLEY has discovered some unique subscription boxes that deliver products made to embrace and enhance your inner beauty, right to your doorstep. 


All the single ladies put your hands up because this box is made for you. With chocolate indulgences, good books, bath products and much more, you can treat yourself and appreciate the beauty of being a strong, independent woman. Even if you do have a SO, you can still spoil yourself with a little self-love.

Goddess Provisions

These boxes are all about self-care and “treating yourself like a goddess.” The monthly boxes come with crystals, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty, superfood snacks and spiritual growth tools — everything you need to embrace your inner zen! Take a peaceful day to yourself for reflecting and nourishing your body with these delightfully hippie packages.

The Whole Box

If you’re looking to start a health kick, then this box is a delicious and quick way to get into the swing of things. This food box is completely gluten, sugar, soy and dairy free! It’s a great way to start eating more nutritiously, but if you’re not sure you can go that clean, then try the HealthyMe Living box. This box has all your favorites: Clif Bars, dried fruit, Snapea Crisps and many more yummy snacks. 


This box is as therapeutic as it gets, as it was designed by therapists themselves to increase happiness. It comes with various teas, goal-setting journals, face masks and more. These health and wellness products are a surefire way to welcome more positivity and self-discovery into your life. They can help to remove any unwanted toxins and make way for a perfect day of R&R. 

Trendy Memo

Calling all boss ladies: make work less stressful with the box that makes you feel confident and trendy at work. From instant matcha mixes to cute office supplies, tumblers and desk accessories, this box will keep you on track while making work a little more fun and inspiring. Mental health is just as important as physical, and this box can alleviate some of the monotony and pressure you might face at work.

The Bath Benefit

Relax and unwind in an amazing bath courtesy of your monthly subscription to The Bath Benefit. Taking the time to have a nice bath has emotional, physical and restorative health benefits and with products like these, you might even forget how long you have been in the tub. The products are all made by local artisans and each month you can expect a candle, bath bomb, body scrub and lotion. 

There’s a box out there for almost anyone, but just remember that inner beauty is what counts, so pamper away because you deserve it. Check out to find a box that perfectly caters to your interests!


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