The Do’s and Dont’s of Netflix and Chill

Photo by Steph Distasio

We know what you’re thinking, and no, we actually mean Netflix and chill! Introducing Valley‘s guide to the perfect date-night-in just hanging out and binging on your favorite shows or movies. 

DO make snacks

The basis of Netflix and Chill is to relax, so why not let loose with some yummy treats and maybe a glass of wine? Definitely worth the extra calories.

DON’T fall asleep

Seriously. Your Netflix and Chill date is not going to appreciate that you aren’t awake for the movie. It might even make it seem like you aren’t interested in him/her. Avoid picking a boring movie to prevent such a disaster. 

DO make yourself comfortable and cuddle under fuzzy blankets

Science says that people connect the best when they’re comfortable. Besides, it’d be pretty awkward if you were sitting on complete opposite sides of the couch anyway.

DON’T assume

Sure, if you’re chilling with someone you like, the temptation is there to heat things up. But, depending on your date, it can be a little off-putting to invite someone over under the impression that you’ll be watching Netflix and then pull a serious move on them ten minutes in.

DO dress down

There’s no need for jeans, crop tops or the fake eyelashes you wear out on Saturday nights. If you’re worried about your Netflix and Chill date judging your jammies, you’re not Netflix and Chilling with the right person. They should appreciate that you feel comfortable around them!

DON’T be on your phone the whole time

What’s the point of putting a movie on in the first place if you’re just going to text the entire way through it? Also, that’s super disrespectful to your date. 

DO have a nice conversation about the movie, or anything else!

Take the time to bond over what you’re watching and let the conversation flow naturally from there. It’s always fun to try to guess the ending!

The Netflix and Chill phenomenon is alive and thriving. We suggest hopping on that bandwagon sometime soon because it can keep any date casual, all while guaranteeing a great night.


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