Everything You Need to Do One More Time Before Graduation

Posted by Penn State University | @pennstate

As the semester winds down, there are many different things students are looking forward to. For some, it’s summer internships in far-away cities. For others, it’s the simple pleasure of not having any classes or schoolwork to deal with. But the class of 2017 is facing not only the beginning of a new chapter in life but the closure of their chapter here at Penn State. Before the waterworks begin, know that you still have time to make the most of your time here. Below is a list of everything Valley thinks you should do (or do again) in the next four weeks before you graduate.

*Disclaimer: Some of these things are only for those who are 21 or older. 

Sing karaoke at the Gaff on Wednesday.

Eat a Grilled Stickie at the Diner.

Go ice skating at Pegula. The public skate schedule can be found here (http://pegulaicearena.maxgalaxy.net/Schedule.aspx?ID=1).

Go to Den Tuesday.

Then, get a hot dog at Ken’s Hot Dog cart.

Hike Mount Nittany.

Visit the Arboretum.

Take a tour of the Palmer Art Museum.

Do sex trivia at the Dark Horse on a Tuesday night.

Run in the Mifflin Streak. This typically takes place during finals week so keep an eye on social media for an exact day.

Get an ice cream cone at the Berkey Creamery.

Play frisbee on Old Main lawn.

Have a $1 Long Island iced tea at Indigo Thursday.

Paint some pottery at 2000 Degrees.

Take a ride in the Vamos! Lion Chariot.


Attend a football game at Beaver Stadium. Your last chance is coming up on April 22 – don’t miss the Blue & White game.

Get thrown in the air after a touchdown.

Sing the Alma Mater while your arms are linked with the drunk strangers around you.

Listen to the Willard Preacher for a few minutes. The dude is outrageous, but he can be wise on occasion.

Eat a slice at Canyon after a night out.

Go back to Canyon the next day when your sober and get another slice. Trust us on this one.

Climb the Old Main bell tower courtesy of Lion Ambassadors. More information about the 2017 Old Main Open House can be found here.

Go to (and take a nap in) the Harry Potter room of Pattee Library.

Get endless appetizers at the Tavern.

See My Hero Zero live. You can find a schedule of their shows here.

If you happen to catch the band on a night that they’re at The Saloon, get yourself a Monkey Boy.

Hand feed one of the thousands of Penn State squirrels. Caution: proceed at your own risk for this one because, even though they’re small and fluffy, they’re still wild animals.

Hang out by the duck pond at the Hintz Alumni Center.

See a show at the State Theatre. The show schedule can be found here.

Devour a tray of Phyrst fries.

Also, have a Stars & Stripes shot while you’re there.

Go to Movin’ On. This year’s lineup and other information can be found here.

Take a scenic walk/hike through Walnut Springs.

Cure a hangover with a breakfast sandwich from Bagel Crust.

Have a chill night in at Chronic Town filled with hookah and your favorite records.

Play a game of pool with some townies at Sharkie’s.

Get breakfast at the Waffle Shop.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, stay up until 6 AM and be the first group to eat at the Waffle Shop.

Acknowledge that the “Dorito Church” on the corner of Beaver Avenue and South Garner Street looks pretty much nothing like a Dorito.

Get a picture with the Nittany Lion.

If you can’t find him, a picture with the Nittany Lion shrine will suffice.

Clog your arteries with an XL order of Pokey Sticks from Gumby’s.

Scream “WE ARE” at a group of new students touring campus.

Donate plasma at BioLife for a quick buck.

Enjoy an authentic Café 210 West iced tea on the deck on a sunny day.

Get a picture with the We Are sign up by the IM Building.

Get some comforting comfort food from the Melt Shack, Penn State’s sole grilled cheese destination.

Sing your heart out at Dueling Pianos, which takes place every Wednesday at the Phyrst.

Spend a day outside at Shaver’s Creek, Penn State’s very own nature center.

Indulge in the Whimpy basket and shake at Baby’s.

Before you cue up “Graduation” by Vitamin C with plans to weep about the loss of your golden days of college, remember that no matter where you go, you will always be a Penn Stater. Also, Arts Fest is only like two months away.