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Animal Crossing: New Horizons, the latest game in the Animal Crossing series, was released earlier last March 2020. The game gained a ton of traction due to it being around the same time as the first wave of quarantine.

Now 10 months later on Jan. 28, 2021, ColourPop Cosmetics officially launched its collaboration with Animal Crossing. Whether the hype around New Horizons was dying or not, it is certainly back now that the makeup collaboration has been released. Within an hour of the 10 a.m. PST release date, the collection was completely sold out.

If you weren’t able to get your hands on any of the products this time around, no need to fear. The collection is expected to restock on Thursday, Feb. 18 at 10 a.m. PST. And, the entire collection will launch and be available through Ulta starting the 14th.

The collection consists of 4 eyeshadow palettes, 3 lip tint duos, 2 blushes, a new shade of super shock shadow and a glitter gel. Each product relates to a specific character or aspect of the game. VALLEY has put together a compilation of pictures and a price breakdown so for when the time comes, you’ll be ready.

Palettes – $12

Nook Inc. Palette

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Inspired by the mint green apparel worn by everyone’s favorite raccoons and Real Estate Broker, the one and only Tom Nook and his apprentices Timmy and Tommy, this palette offers 4 lovely shades of green. Of course, the packaging has to have the iconic Animal Crossing symbol.

5 Star Island Palette

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A yellow and pink pastel palette in honor of the adorable Shih Tzu and secretary, Isabelle. The packaging is adorned with butterflies, which just adds to the cuteness.

Labelle of the Ball Palette

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The infamous Able sisters, the most fashionable hedgehogs you’ll ever meet, get their very own palette too. With the option of using 4 different shades of purple, create a look that is sure to be eye-catching and trendy.

What a Hoot Palette

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The 4th and final new eyeshadow palette is in honor of Blathers the owl, the fossil obsessed and donation-hungry museum curator. Just like for the other eyeshadows, VALLEY loves the adorable packaging that relates to each character. If only the fossils on its packaging were real, Blathers would surely hoot in happiness.

Lip Tint Duos – $12

Fruit Basket Lip Tint Duo

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This lip duo set is the perfect combo, providing deep and bright red and pink lip options. Inspired by two of the island fruits, apples and cherries, have all eyes on you and show off this bold lip duo.

Fruit Roots Lip Tint Duo

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If you’re looking for the perfect coral tones, this is the lip duo for you. Based on the oranges and peaches that grow on the islands, apply either of these colors for a soft and glossy sheen.

Pick of the Bunch Lip Tint Duo

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Pears and coconuts are the last of the 6 fruits that grow on the islands, inspiring this classic combo. The final lip tint duo offers the perfect nudes, whether it’s warm and rich or subtle and sweet.

Blush Compacts – $12

Flower Power Blush

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The first pressed blush is a soft pink with silver flecks. To go along with the pink theme, its packaging is a cute pink with a pink cosmos, one of the many different flower breeds in the game. Did you know the pink cosmos don’t exist on their own? You’ll have to breed white and red cosmos to create the hybrid.

Flower Tender Blush

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The second blush is a stunning vibrant coral with gold flecks. Since it is more on the peachy side, the orange windflower was the perfect choice for its packaging.

Balloon Pop Super Shock Shadow – $7
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ColourPop’s signature shadows now have a new addition to the line of shades; a glamorous, rose gold with pink and gold flecks. The name and packaging reference the in-game feature of shooting down balloons with a slingshot that drops random presents for your character.

Bellionaire Glitterally Obsessed – $10
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The final product from the collection is a statement, that’s for sure. Incorporate this sparkly gold glitter gel for an intense look that will last the whole night. If you’re familiar with Animal Crossing, you’d know the game currency is called bells, which you can sometimes dig up from the ground.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on which products to get, why choose? The full collection is available for $125. Or, if a certain selection has caught your eye, a bundle of the eyeshadow palettes retail for $48, lip tint duos $36 and blushes for $24.

If you manage to secure any of these playful and gorgeous products at the next restock, create a look and be sure to tag us @VALLEYmag on Instagram or tweet us on Twitter.



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