Why You Are More Than Your “Likes”

Photo posted by Kylie Jenner | Instagram (@kyliejenner)

If you actually think that doing the #KylieJennerChallenge, where you put your lips into a tight shot glass and suck your way out, in order to have plump lips is beneficial to your well-being, then stop reading and go get some help.

Valley is not trying to bash you on your ways of achieving a certain look, because let’s be honest, every now and then you may look at a celebrity and think that you wanted his or her _____. But in reality, the goal is not trying to look like someone else by doing insane challenges that can be actually harmful to your body, but by being happy with yourself and being the best version of you that you can be.

It is not just Kylie Jenner to blame for these outrageous ideas of what girls our age and younger should look like but it does not help when society glorifies them because of their particular features. If you have not notice, a lot of celebrities have been getting plastic surgeries or work done to enhance these features that they are getting praised for. The problem with that is when a young girl looks on Instagram and sees a woman with big boobs, butts and lips that were not originally hers to begin with, the young girl automatically thinks that those features are what’s going to get them a lot of “likes” and attention from the public. And when a little attention starts arising from a particular group of women that is when others feel as though they need to be that in order to get that same attention.

By no means is there anything wrong with having bigger features that are naturally yours. For years and still as of today, society is scrutinizing women who are naturally curvy than your average super model. For a while what was consider beautiful was of a slimmer figure. But now, many people are starting to see that the average woman does have curves and is not a size 2.

But don’t you dare think that means that it is okay to shame others who are naturally a size 2. For example, same thing goes for when you are sitting down watching the Victoria Secret Show. Many girls feel that in order to be watched by many, they need to be as small as the models they see on screen. It does not help when you bash another group of women in order to make yourself feel better.

In all honesty, you do not need to have bigger or smaller features to get the attention. Looking at celebrities who are consumed in physical appearances only to be please others is not an image you want to “like” or follow with.