Colourpop Cosmetics’ Newest Collection: Disney’s Bambi

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On February 25, Colourpop Cosmetics dropped its latest collaboration, a collection inspired by Disney’s Bambi. The classic film was first released almost 80 years ago, hitting fans with a wave of nostalgia. With a range of colors from warm neutrals and earth-tones to shimmery green and purples, it is a perfect color palette to transition into spring.

This whimsical collection features 3 different eyeshadow palettes, 3 gel eyeliners, 3 lip glosses, a pair of wispy lashes and a loose powder highlighter. The products and shade names are all inspired by Bambi and the other woodland creatures, as well as the forest they dwell in.

You know the drill: VALLEY’s got you covered and is here to give you a complete rundown of all the products this new collection has to offer.

Eyeshadow Palettes – $14
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These gorgeous five-pan eyeshadow palettes are high in pigment and have both matte and metallics. They blend effortlessly for a smooth and silky feel.

Inspired by the new Great Prince of the Forest himself, the Bambi palette is full of warm, golden neutrals. From the shade Faline, a metallic yellow, to Whitetail, a matte dark brown, create a look that is sure to make you glow.

One of Bambi’s good friends is the hindfoot thumping rabbit, Thumper. Not to mention, also fun-loving and a bit mischievous. Unlike Bambi, Thumper’s palette is full of stunning cool-tones. The star of the palette is I’m Thumpin’, a metallic green. Pair that with a dark, silvery slate grey, Great Big Feet and Miss Bunny, a pale silver for an eye-catching look.

Last but not least, the shy and soft-spoken skunk known as Flower completes the trio. His palette offers 3 shades of purple and an iridescent white and charcoal black. Mix and match these elegant shades for a unique and dramatic look.

If you can’t choose between the three distinctly different palettes, why not have all three? Buy the “Forest Friends” bundle for $42.

Gel Pencil Lines – $8
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These Créme Gel Pencils are soft and creamy, a great addition to the collection. With pigmentation like these, build them up for a bold look or blend them for a more delicate vibe. Meadow, a soft matte yellow and Purty is a matte deep, rich plum. For a bit of spice and fun, Raindrops is a metallic rose-pink.

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. The “Life in the Woods” bundle is available for $24.

Lip Gloss – $9
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Colourpop’s Lux Gloss formula is back with 3 new beautiful shades. The glosses are meant to complement the eyeshadow palettes and come in a nude, pink and purple. All sheer, Bambi’s is a warm nude, Thumper’s a delicate pink and Flower’s a lovely lavender.

Love them all? Purchase the “Twitterpated” Bundle for $27.

“Oh Dear” Lashes – $10
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Going for that doe-eyed look? Grab yourself a pair of the Oh Dear false lashes. Made with soft lightweight synthetic fibers, these faux mink lashes will add the finishing touch to your spring look. And guess what, they’re 100% vegan too.

“Morning Light” Highlighter – $16
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This highlighter comes with a soft and fluffy powder brush, making application a breeze. Dip in the brush which easily picks up the loose powder and do a gentle swipe for a smooth and instant glow. The warm, golden sparkles will be sure to add warmth and shine to your cheeks.

With the 11 new adorable products, it’s understandable if you can’t decide on just one, or even a few. Get your hands on the entire collection for $115. VALLEY thinks this latest collab is absolutely precious. What’s next, Colourpop?

As always, be sure to tag us @VALLEYmag on Instagram or tweet us on Twitter if you create any fun looks with these dreamy products.


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