Should You Be Sleeping on E.l.f Cosmetics?

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E.l..f Cosmetics is a makeup line that is widely known as one of the cheapest drug-store lines you can find with products starting at about $3 and mostly remaining in the range of single-digit dollar amounts. With that being said, it is easy to assume that the saying “you get what you pay for,” stands true, but is that really the case here?

According to multiple testimonies from popular makeup influencers and gurus such as Jeffree Star and Tati, e.l.f cosmetics are not too good to be true. These products allegedly work extremely well and may just be the next best thing for anyone who is not looking to spend a ton of money on top-shelf products, which is most likely many people, especially college students.

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In Jeffree’s video “Full Face Using Only E.L.F Makeup… I’m Speechless!,” the title speaks for itself. Throughout the video Jeffree remains shocked as he applies these products, as someone who is used to using designer and top-shelf products, this is an impressive reflection of the line. By the end of the video, Jeffree gave e.l.f cosmetics his famous “Jeffree Star stamp of approval,” which is not an easy label to achieve.

Tati is also left shocked with the quality of e.l.f cosmetics, as you can also tell by the title of her video. With two positive testimonies from two very credible makeup influencers, amongst others, it is safe to say the e.l.f products are definitely worth a try. Both videos linked are extremely helpful as specific products are applied and reviewed and are even compared to higher-end products that you might have used. If you have the chance to spend a quarter of the price on products that will leave you with the same flawless look as your usual products, it is definitely worth a try.

When it comes to testimonies and reviews of makeup brands and products, it is easy to go into them with skepticism. It’s always hard to tell if these individuals have brand deals or are being paid to hype up a line that may not really be all that good. However, a line as affordable as e.l.f with the newly found reputation of having great products definitely seems like it could of been a hidden gem all this time.

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